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December 17, 2007


annette favale

I have known about your company for many years and have always been impressed by the amazing products and the quality behind them.

I lived in the West Palm Beach area for over 18 years and visited your store quite often.

I now live in Naples on the West Coast and miss being able to come in and shop and visit the cafe with my two girls.

I work for a company called Paris Ceramics in the new design center here and understand the commitment you have for quality, high-end products since I work with stone products that are equally amazing and unique.

I am going to be buying a new home in the very near future and I will definitely be visiting your site when it's time to shop again for lighting and furniture for the avid readers we all are!

Take care,
Annette Favale

Robert Ferguson

I have bought many bookmarks throughout the years and the one's I use the most are the simplest in design. I would like to see a bookmark made entirely of silk. Straight, with no frills, charms or attachments of any kind. One could carry several crumpled in a pocket. They would be inexpensive to make, and would always be in demand as long as there are books in which to put them. What do you think?

Charles Cranna

I came across your catalog several years ago and became a "fan" straight off !! then a few years ago I discovered your store a few short miles from where I had parked my motor home in Delray Beach, oh baby !!!! last year I introduced my 15 year old grand daughter to pen and ink !!! she didn't know or had never seen a real pen !! unbeliveable !!! although not allowed to use them in school (?) she now has three pens !!
I refer anybody that will listen to your great store/catalog !!!
Great Job !!!

Paul Arnold

Steve --

I may be one of your very first customers. I bought two or three Delta floor lamps from you, and (maybe a bit later) a tripod lamp.

When I placed my early orders, your company was so new that you didn't yet accept credit cards, and you, Steve, personally picked up the phone each time I called.

I still buy and enjoy your products. I'm a writer, and virtually all of my rewriting is done in large part on a Writer's Oasis. When I type on my Alphasmart Neo in my living room, the Neo sits atop a Laplander.

I was saddened by the decline in quality of the shirt pocket briefcase I received as a gift (to replace a lost one), but throughout the years that has been the sole product of yours that has not earned full marks from me. On balance, an excellent record.

Congratulations, and keep up the grand work.

-- Paul

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