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December 26, 2007



Congratulations on the move. Any chance of a store opening in NYC?

@Stephen | Productivity in Context

I am looking forward to visiting the Boston store at the end of the month!
Thanks for all of your great products, and for Ryan Rasmussen!

Bill Bathurst

The new store looks great, I just picked up a bomber leather circa notebook cover to start off my year right. I do however miss the old store, and the outlet.

I would love to see the time management circa products expand.

Leslie B.

Dear Steve -- and all the great Levenger staff -- I've been a Levenger customer for many years, buying your products by catalog exclusively since I've never been to Florida. I want you to know that the Levenger catalog may not be the famed J. Peterman coy and cozy bedside reader, and it may not be a bricks and mortar shop, but it is still a joy to shop from, and it has made me feel like I was among friends every time I've used it.
While we're on the subject of the catalog, and my treasured purchases, let me beg you to bring back the postage thumb scale. I am in danger of having mine stolen whenever it's seen by someone new. And I would love to give it as a holiday or birthday gift to all my writing friends.
Leslie Berman

Humble Cook

Thank you for moving to Memphis! Your twice a year warehouse sales have become red-letter days among my book group's members.


Dear Steve,
since 1 year I for the first time in my life open a Levenger`s world for me. I have done this discovery spontaniously during surfing the WWW. Now I own several Levenger`s products (desk blotter, Circa Junior, Pocket brief case). I am very sutisfied with quality and more over Levenger`s products take me away from endless hours in front of PC back to work with paper (what is kind of spiritual labour, to improve spiritual side on human being, while PC usually just sucks my time and makes my eyes tierd).
I never have been in any Levenger`s stores. But if I will have a chance to travel to U.S. I do visit one of Levenger`s store for sure. Or may be one day you will open a store in Europe (West or East does not matter I will always glad to visit Levenger`s store)
Thank you for good management, Levenger`s stuff for good great work they are doing and all those people who are related to LEVENGER.

Lynda Mulhauser

Dear Steve, I've been in mourning due to your closing the Delray outlet store. It has actually been a highlight when I come down often from DC to visit my parents. In fact, my high school buddy and I (we are way out of high school, think baby-boomer) used to make that our first stop on each visit. So, as I go from room to room in my home and see my Adams chair and the Library steps and the lap desk and the editor's desk, I thank you for your superb and well-made products! I'll still miss Delray!

Davey Moyers

Hey Steve,

Come north to Jacksonville where we have a great new mall: The Town Center. I've picked out the perfect location between Barnes & Noble and the Apple store. I'd manage it for you but after allowance for purchases I'd be hard pressed to cover my mortgage.


I was saddened to hear of your move I am desperately going to miss the outlet :-)

Laura Sanders

When will you open a store west of the Mississippi and east of the Rockies? Austin, the state capitol of Texas, would be a great place for a Levenger store: state legislators, over ten universities with another set eighty miles down the road, on the main interstate highway between Canada and Mexico, and smack between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Trust me, you couldn't ask for a better location. Other high-end stores are already here such as Macy's and Neiman-Marcus and our own Barton Creek Mall contains a fountain pen store that's been there for nearly ten years, indicating a steady group of potentially Levenger-loving customers. Please! come to Texas first! We need you!

Tracy Lee Belford

Steve, I, too, will miss the Levenger location in Del Ray. It has long been a pilgrimage for the warehouse sales, and other days when a 2.5 hour drive south seems appealing. I wanted to offer, too, that your products are outstanding and I have MANY from various categories. But I wanted to tell you about my Stanley Traveler - how much I love that bag. My husband bought it for me for our first "married" christmas five years ago and it has been everywhere with me. Over the holiday this year, it met with a challenge I doubted it would overcome. The bungee holding it to the back of my motorcycle failed, and Stanley fell at 60 mph. At the time, it contained your office shuttle, my vanishing point fountain pen and my recently acquired oversized Delta Dolce Vita fountain pen (40th birthday in November and I flew to DC to buy it!). Long story short, someone saw the event and followed me to return the bag. While the outside is scraped severely and one buckle is really beat up, that bag never came open, never let the contents go. My pens and my shuttle were intact and in perfect condition. Thank you for taking the time to be sure your products are so reliable - I would have been lost without this bag and its contents! It is still my constant companion, even with its scars, and even on the motorcycle!

Marvis Bedford

Hello Steve,
I have been one of your customers for a long time and I have purchased some very nice items. I am fond of fountain pens and I have a nice collection.

I don't have any friends that have my interest in writing letters with different ink as I do and I just enjoy my desk with all my Levenger toys.

It would be nice if you could open a store in a Mall area on the Southside of Atlanta. We have to shop in Atlanta but mostly we have to shop in your catalog.

All your items are of excellent quality. I have given several of the tote bags as gifts. I love them too when I'm writing I can carring all my writing pens/pencils/paper, etc. with me from room to room.

Keep on doing excellent.

M. Bedford

Edward Beale

When I saw the title of this piece, I thought it was about using Levenger products in college! When I started my Master's program a couple years ago, I decided to go with 100% circa notebooks and materials. It was the best decision I could have made. Note taking was a breeze, as was organizing for exams, projects, and presentations. Along the way I invented a clever spine label for my old notes, all of which were conveniently stockpiled by semester in big 1" circa binders. For college work, the circa system can't be beat.

John Armato

Well damn. Years ago my wife, Dianne, and I took a cruise. We returned to Miami and made a special trip to Delray (staying at the charming Seagate motel) just to visit the land of Levenger. I'm pretty sure we spent enough time in the store that others thought we worked there. It was great. I'm thrilled with your success and the expansion of your retail stores in other markets, but I'll miss my mecca -- the original, the one I journeyed just to see.

Linda H

As many of you have already stated, I also look forward to my business trips in Chicago so I can visit one of the beautiful Levenger stores. For five years now I have been a loyal Levenger client through catalog purchases. My first experience at the store one year ago was so personable, (I was treated as a client, not just a customer) I even had the sales associates in stitches at how giddy I was to actually touch the items I had been admiring in the catalog! After buying the gorgeous English Briefbag, among several other “had to haves” on every trip to Chicago I now make it a point to visit Levenger in person. Steve, every single item I have purchased is one I am proud to own – just one problem…they never wear out! So my excuse for continuing to buy more bags, pens, folios, desk accessories, and more is “I collect all things Levenger!” Seattle would love a Levenger- my purchases alone might even fund it!

Tina Floyd

Hi, Steve.

I am definitely a Levenger addict! In fact I have introduced a few people to your products, namely the Circa line, who have also become addicted...even one person in Canada, and I'm in Mississippi!

I missed the recent warehouse sale in Memphis due to being out of town, so I went by the outlet today on Spottswood. Well, I thought I was going to the outlet! I can't believe it's gone! Is there another location in or near Memphis now, or do I need to order on-line until the next warehouse sale?!

I'm starting my own business and need more products. I've had to make less purchases over the past year or so, but once my business is up and running, I'll be back in full force!

Thanks for your help!
Olive Branch, MS...just minutes from Memphis, TN

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