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January 24, 2008



I don't entirely understand the idea of building a list of possible books. I'm still trying to keep things *off* the list. If I go seeking more, I'm going to drown in them all. Is the idea to find books if you don't know what you want to read or to narrow the focus ultimately?

I just got your book today, and I'm only on page 24, so I guess I'll find out. The bit about 12 books a year scared me though. I pass that by the end of February.

Homer Hickam

Thanks for the great review, Steve. For folks who might like to help me push for a National Miners Day and also help support my Red Helmet - Homer Hickam, Sr. (that would be my dad) scholarship for the kids of coal miners, please go to www.homerhickam.com and they'll see how to do that. No contribution too small! And not incidentally, they might like to check out my new romantic novel Red Helmet set in today's Appalachian coalfields.

Here's hoping Rocket Boys gets the nod in Palm Beach. I wouldn't mind hanging out with the folks there for a day or two! Wish I could come right now, considering how cold it is here in north Alabama today.

Homer Hickam

Rean Day

My grandfather worked for NASA for most of his life. My father is retired after 30 years in the Air Force. However, was born a girly girl only interested in animals and books. When October Sky was released in theaters I went with my father. I remember that day well. After the film was over we went for coffee and talked about NASA, the Air Force and my father's dreams when he was a child. Being the only daughter and still young, it was eyeopening to hear my father's dreams. Shortly after that, I picked up Rocket Boys and throroughly enjoyed it. My father has it in his library now and every time I visit I smile from the memory of that day.

Wonderful review. Fabulous book!
Rean Day

Kevin Eikenberry

Steve - I recently discovered your blog and am glad I did! I love your products and read your book when it first came out. I'm pleased you enjoyed Rocket Boys. I am a fan as well. I've had the great fortune of talkng with Homer for over an hour - as I interviewed him for a radio show several years back.

I hope Palm Beach picks the book and if Homer visists - let me know - I'll come too!

Kevin Eikenberry
author of Remarkable Leadership

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