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January 09, 2008


Judith Brightman

I received the BPL bag for Christmas 2006...it's great for hauling most anything, including books...recycled cans and bottles, camping gear...anything that need to go from here to there...comfortably. Christmas 2007 offered the Bloomsbury Bag...it, too, has a Boston connection. It made a wonderful gift for my granddaughter, a sophomore at Boston University. She can haul books, computer, and anything else she needs around campus, or to return home to Maine during breaks. We both love our bags!!

William Summers

I love the Bomber Jacket items. I have a lot of them. I'm disappointed that I can't get information on the Passport cover that is shown in many of the pictures.

Elizabeth Janovsky

I had the great good fortune to know someone who worked at the BPL and got a different tote bag with images of the beautiful lanterns on it. They are just printed on I believe, and I fear the day when it's all worn off. If you were to reproduce, I know it would last forever (or therabouts). Then again, I don't think many people other than employees have them so I like the relative exclusivity of it. But the BPL is so rich w/beauty and deserving of our honor, I say "bring on the reproductions!" (Paperweight w/the quote? Paperweight model of the bldg?)


Steve, The first time I visited your store in Boston I fell in love with the BPL bag but my daugter convinced me I didn't need it. Later a friend gave it to me for my birthday so I would stop talking about how cool it is. I fill it with books, going away for the weekend and grocery shopping. I love it.

Kathleen Goelkel

I love Levinger and have purchased many items. One purchase that I love is the Bookography software to track my books. Are there any plans to offer an updated version or one that works on a PDA?


I got 2 of the Boston Public Library bags, then purchased 2 more. I love bags in general, & use them when I buy many books from thrift stores, then when I trade books to used book stores. I also use them for grocery shopping. They elicit comments, for sure. I love them, & love telling people where I got them & showing the quote on the inside.

C. E. Ferrell

I purchased the Boston Public Library tote bag. I'm very pleased with its usefulness. I unload groceries from the car, and it's great for trips to the laundry room.


As I live less than two blocks from the BPL, of course I HAD to purchase one of these bags. That first bag has now multiplied into eight, which corral everything from rolled-up maps to laundry. One of them even functions as a piece of furniture. I pack it to the brim with seasonal clothes, plant my Laplander on the top, and while I wouldn't put anything really weighty or breakable on it, it does very well for a small nightstand where I can deposit my glasses, a book, and the remote control.

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