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January 30, 2008



There are engravings on the pyramid at Giza that read roughly, "Khufu's team does great work". I'm not so sure it's the workers on the pyramids--farmers working for extra money during Innundation and the period of receding waters when their farms were submerged--that faced the worst of it.

The peril more likely fell to the prisoners who dug out the granite in Aswan for the obelisks. These men would stand, shoulder to shoulder, in the sweltering heat, with heavy metal balls. Each man would drop the ball, pick it up, and drop it again. Each time, the force of the impact with dent the stone a bit more until they carved out the general shape of the obelisk in this way.

I like that they left the head of Ramses on the ground, as they found it, only shifted. I love the carving on The Ramnasseum. The story of the battle of Kadesh is just awesome.

Rean Day

The contrast and depth of your photograph is wonderful, no wonder all the tourists would not impact the experience! To imagine something so massive in such danger of destruction.

The observance that technology in 1869 is what lead to the fall and occupation of Egypt causes one to wonder: What impact are we feeling today for technological advances some 20-30 years ago; and more importantly, what impact will current advances make in the future.

This is, no doubt, some heavy food for thought.

Thank you,
Rean Day

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