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February 06, 2008



Great pictures! They make me want to read more about the library -- its architect, history beyond what you described. Thanks for the glimpse.

Big Daddy

Great pictures! That Canon is remarkably crisp(then again Canon always was, ie F-1) What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Did you happen to get any shots of the lighthouse? Would love to see them, and I look forward to your virtual tour of the original site! Thanks for the post.

Big Daddy

UGH! I realized that as I browsed the Levenger site while in the middle of my post, I failed to finish my thought. I asked if you had taken pictures of a structure that does not exist! I was curious if you had taken pictures of the Fort at the sight of the lighthouse but left my thought incomplete. I tend to surf multiple pages at a time and forgot where I left off. How embarrassing! Anyway I enjoyed your products and plan on doing some Christmas shopping there. Levenger sure offers some exquisite merchandise. I have a 9 year old daughter that can not keep her nose out of books. She will enjoy the reading lights! And I will go for several boxes of the brass tabs for myself!(I tend to lose my place, as you know) Thank you again.

Becky M.

Sigh.... I must say seeing your pictures makes me feel a bit - what's the word I'm looking for - wistful? Egypt is on my list of "places I'd love to see before I die". (one of SEVERAL places on that list...) And you were obviously in Alexandria on a beautiful sunny day, despite the foggy beginning. As I write this, we're in the middle of a winter storm warning here in southeastern Iowa - ice and snow coming down. Sigh, again. What a fabulous opportunity for you and your family to see such a cool place in a spot so rich with history. Yes, I AM jealous - and I'm wondering if my meager teacher's salary will ever allow me to have such an opportunity. Certainly gives me a goal to shoot for - and seeing your pictures makes it a goal even more desirable. Thank you for sharing them.

Also, what is the deal with that Espresso Book machine thing? Is it printing or binding or copying or all of the above? Hard to tell from your pics.... And what was up with the 3D glasses? Yes, they looked kind of goofy, but I can see you were looking at a holographic skull or something. Please clarify! And can we look forward to some pyramid pics from you in the future? Just so I can sigh wistfully some more.... :-)

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