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March 12, 2008



Bravo for Mr. Margolis and his crusade to get his beloved library on every subway map! Public libraries were such an important part of my growing up, especially since my family moved many times during my school years. For me, the transitions were easier because I could feel quickly at home in a library -- even though none were as grand as the one in Boston, with its elegant ladies guarding the entrance.

Bobbie Jeanne Kennedy

You are a man of high quality. I have always had a "beer pocketbook" but you have always had marvelous things that appeal to my "champagne taste." You've gone and done it again. Bravo! I am certain that Rodin is smiling down from heaven his approval of your creation. How wonderful for the visitors to be able to take home not only a picture of the library, but something they can hold in their hands and admire for years after. Thank you ever so much.


Libraries should be prominently displayed on every city map. I have fond memories of my high school library where I learned about cataloging and fine-tuned my love of reading and was introduced to one of my favorite authors - JRR Tolkien. I am now enjoying audio books at my local library. Reading is something I always list as a hobby. Bravo for the Boston Library, libraries everywhere, and the written word!

Beth Van Vorst Gray

I am enjoying your "Well-Read" series. I responded to the first-ever long ago when your article's topic was "writing in books." I soon discovered that this is a highly controversial topic. You either do it or you rate it lower than graffiti on bathroom walls. I even found out that my husband had extremely strong feelings about it. Thank goodness I do NOT write in other people's books! My best-loved ones, however, have wonderful conversations in the margin (with me, the author, or previous graffiti-inclined owner) over the years.

We've also benefited from some of your writers' aids in our home.


Becky M.

Ahhhh.... a trip to the library. I confess I look forward to when the due dates of whatever I'm reading come up - that means I have to go BACK and get MORE! How often I may be reading something or visiting a museum or I'll even hear something on the radio that refers to a book and I wonder, "Does our library have that one?" Fortunately, my community is blessed with a brand, spanking new beautiful library building (it replaces a very cool historic building that was just crammed to the gills - no, not torn down now, but it will be the new home of the local historical society). Along with the new, more spacious building is a wonderful on-line catalog, so whether I'm at work or it's late at night or whenever, I can always hop on the net and start making a list of what I'd like to check out next. And I always need to allow a good chunk of time for my library visit... Sure, I may have my list of what I'd like to get next, but I always end up browsing through the areas that hold most of my interests and I usually find something unexpected.

I have read several of the posts folks make here on your blog, and it seems that so many people have amassed quite large personal libraries. I, too, probably have more books in my home than the average person. But I can't imagine the vast sum of money I WOULD have spent if I had to buy all the books I've borrowed from the library. Almost every community has a public library available to them.... And most libraries are connected to others and can share materials through inter-library loans. So even if your community library may be small and may not have a specific book you are looking for, they can probably get it to you one way or another. Sometimes they may welcome donations of books as well.

I would encourage all lovers of reading to return to their libraries and give them your patronage and support. What a fabulous resource they are and such a great place to get lost.... I look forward to every visit I make to mine.

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