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March 26, 2008


Linda Estupinan Snook

I have been an excited reader of books for many years. I truly understand the need to "change" to keep up with the times but there is nothing like the smell of an old book or the feel of a brand new one. May these types of books live forever. Linda Estupinan Snook

Bob Colby

I am a Kindle reader and love it. The eInk screen really does produce a significantly more "booklike" experience than reading a book on a Palm (which I've tried) or or any other electronic device. The DRM issue did bother me, but not enough to stop me from buying it. Printed books will still have a future, but I think that over time they will increasingly become the domain of Folio-like publishers who will be willing to invest a great deal of work into producing an art object with aesthetic qualities that cannot translate to the digital world (I feel the same way about recorded music and film - lavish box sets for collectors may eventually be the last viable market for CD, DVD and even Blu-ray manufacturers).

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