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May 07, 2008



Thank you for posting this essay. It reminded me of one of the many very positive differences between life in this country and life elsewhere, and I thoroughly enjoyed this young journalist's observations. Reading them was a pleasant break from my work.

Allison Simpson

I have been an avid reader since the age of 4. I spent many happy hours curled up in a chair, engrossed in a book, oblivious to the outside world or the passing of time. Books have brought me an education and a vocabulary that is not taught in schools anymore as well as the ability to imagine and think analytically. However, 5 years ago I was very ill and the medicine made me a different person for a very long time. To my heartbreak, I have lost the ability to read a book. I devour newspapers and magazines, but no books yet. However, I am collecting a library in anticipation of the day when I can return to my beloved past time. There is no substitute for a real book, with a cover and pages and ink- the tactile sensation associated with hours of solitary pleasure is strong and I look forward to returning.


Chile is a great country to visit. I spent several days there a couple of times on my way to climbing on Aconcagua just across the border in Argentina. Spectacular scenery. I spent a lot of time walking in Santiago and visiting the country around the hot springs. The streets in Santiago paved with tiles and used from curb to curb for pedestrians, the parks to visit, the shops. I guess I will have to go back and look at the book situation.


Muy linda tu nota.
trabajo en biblioredes en el norte de chile, y de verdad molesta nuestra politica de impuestos a los libros.
tenemos la suerte de estar cerca de bolivia y peru, y en esos paises encontramos los mismos libros chilenos a precios mas al alcance de nosotros.

Steve Leveen

Dear Ivor,

Thanks for your note and I'm glad to hear you work in the library field in Chile. Fortunately, as you say, you're close to Bolivia and Peru, so you can buy books more cheaply from those countries.

All best wishes to you and buena suerte with your important work.



I am currently working on a project about Chilean poets for my Spanish class. This information is very beneficial, and "muy intersante!" Muchas gracias! Thank you.


Around the same time as this article, some Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars in Valparaíso, Chile founded Scholars for Schools (http://scholarsforschools.org). This project intends to create libraries in the poor municipal schools of the city. Please visit our website to find out more about the project.

Thank you for this story.


good posting.i like it. thank u. :)-


nick martyas

A nice posting, I enjoyed it.
Thank you.


Nick Matyas

Very good posting. I just love it.
Good luck man with your work.


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