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July 30, 2008


Barb Heffner

Hi Steve - Thanks for the post on both books. I read Leaving Microsoft two years ago, and just read Three Cups of Tea. Let's hope both of these great guys get Nobels - they both deserve them.

And this is exactly why CEOs should blog. I read your post and I liked it. Imagine my surprise when I realized who you are! But I have a warmer feeling about Levenger as a result of reading your post. Keep writing!

Jacqueline Bradshaw

Just completed "Three Cups of Tea" and found it very moving what one person can do to make big changes happen for very small amounts of money. (Lots of dedication and hard work!) Nonetheless, it inspired me to adopt a family in Piura Peru. For $25 a month this will feed an entire family. However, books cost the same in Peru as the cost to us in the USA. So, I am now sending spanish books from Barnes and Noble to my Peru family. Amazing. You can eat for a month or read. Is that a sad choice or what !!

I loved your book "The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life." This book has also changed my life. I no longer waste time finishing a book that holds little interest just for the purpose of completing what I started. And.... I have reorganized my personal library of 8 bookcases based on your thoughts. Your book should be flying off the shelves because I can't stop talking about it to all my friends who read.

Marius Alexander

People's actions such as Mortenson's and Wood's foresee the end of governments as the primary source of development aid. Private individuals by way of "micro NGO's" can achieve 10x as much per dollar spent as the UN, World Bank and FAO. With babyboomers looking for a meaningful final third of their lives and many of them having no obvious heirs, the source of funds for this kind of aid should be indefinite, and the fulfillment of the promise of the west to spend 1% of GDP on international aid may finally become a reality.

Here is hoping I am right!

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