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July 23, 2008


Karen Y. Stafford

We have indeed entered a Golden Age of books. On the one hand it would seem appalling that in 2008 such a move would even be necessary; on the other, I for one am grateful such a move is in the works. It has been shown that the single most effective means of combating the growing birth rate, the spread of disease, and bolstering the economies of whole nations in the developing world, is through the education of women. Not only do women remain in the villages teaching others, but women - once educated, make different choices regarding family, business, etc. that have far reaching effects on those around them, and thus on their entire community.
At the university where I am a graduate student, UMBC in Maryland, we regularly donate used textbooks to Books for Africa for the same purposes as Room to Read. I always donate. This is a most worthy cause. Sometimes we are looking for ways to help and don't because we think it will cost us money; but not all help requires monetary effort on our part. Books are seeds of great value whose return will be seen for generations to come. Thank you for sharing with us.

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