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October 22, 2008


Barb Thames

Steve, this is a great blog entry. History, even of the items I use daily, is my passion and this article stoked the furnace. More, please.


Shannon Tullius

Aloha Steve,

I've enjoyed receiving your Levenger Catalogues for years and have ordered some very nice things for my writer husband over the years.

After having moved recently I assigned myself the job of getting in touch with all of the magazines that we receive to update our address.

I thought that this process would be easy because everyone has a website these days but I've found it a very daunting task. While I was looking for a place on your website to update our information I ran across your blog. I must confess that I really wasn't aware of your passion for reading and writing, but I should have been considering the scope of items that you offer having to do with reading and writing.

I read your blog and then a few others, one in particular by an author that uses the same method of taking notes when writing a book that my husband has used for 30 years, only he used spiral steno pads for making his notes. He placed one idea or sentence or paragraph on each page then ripped it off and put it in stacks to be sorted and resorted later into chapters. Our living room turned into a verticle filing system.

When I started to teach my friends who wanted to write books this system, I took it one step further and bought a small portable plastic file holder into which the chapters could be placed and the pages filed. I'm very impressed with your Circa System as this is more compact than my filing box system and can be carried from place to place with ease. Congratulations!

In 1993 my husband and I moved to Maui, Hawaii and started the Maui Writers Conference, which has been a great resource for many aspiring writers and a wonderful networking experience for our presenting authors and screenwriters. Producer Ron Howard and author Elmore Leonard met each other for the first time at our Conference, each a great fan of the other.

Your company, like ours, is committed to helping readers and writers. I would love to connect with you to discuss working with each other in a way that can enhance our companies as well as continuing to supply our customers with the information and items that can help them further their reading and writing goals.

Warmest aloha to you Steve,

Shannon Tullius
Maui Writers Conference

Eve Richardson

Probably like many, I long longed for a Laplander before finally giving it to myself. My simple tale lacks the sparkle of movie-directors and well-known writers, as does the above one, but it is no less sincere.

A writer, I knew I'd use it, but hadn't anticipated its multitude of functions. In a chair, on the bed, on the floor while leaning against a wall, on the bank of a stream -- more than I'd dreamt.

The surprise, though, came when I had surgery that required long recuperation in bed. The Laplander stepped in, revealing yet more uses: It capably holds meal trays and medicines, books and tablets and pens. And to us writers-on-paper, the words still come.

Thank you for the delightful history; perhaps you'll share more?

Laurel Earhart

Steve, I am looking for a way to make my treadmill into one of those "offices of the future" in which a normally sedentary office worker can walk 1mph and do things like check email. I came across an idea from a reader: http://treadmill-workstation.com/welcome-to-treadmill-workstation-2/ and thought your lap desks might just be perfect for that. I've ordered one and will let you know.


The Surf lap desk is not longer available at Levenger. Where can I get one?

Lisa Higgins

Steve - I have been searching and searching for a Lap Top solution that is right for me - and then I found your site. I plan to order the Lap Desk asap as I believe it will give me the work space I need and support my arm unlike most options. That being said, I was extremely excited when I read your blog and saw the Surf Desk. And then equally disappointed to not find it available to buy. What happened? I can't seem to find any reference to it after Oct. 19 of 2008. Hopeful in San Diego - Lisa

Steve Leveen

Dear Lisa and Sarah,

Apologies for the tardy response to you both--we've been hunting in the Levenger attic for any Surf Desks that may have landed back in our Distribution Center or on our eBay site. Alas, they've all sold out. We have some other great lap desk designs that may do the trick. Sorry we had to disappoint you on the Surf Desk. --Steve


Love the original laptop (kidney shaped) desk. I've been using mine at home for about 15 years. I recently bought a new one for my office. While the first one I bought came with a small stand, this one didn't. Why not? And how do people store them when they're not in use without that stand?

Steve Leveen

Dear KHR,

Many thanks for being a longtime Levenger Lap Desk user. I have several of our newer versions but, like you, I often find myself going back to the original kidney bean as well. As for stands--we're always considering new lap desk designs, so you've reminded us that we should look at stands as well.

I know a lot of our customers simply slide their lap desk between a table and chair when they're not using it, or under the sofa, or sometimes behind a door. If you have a sliver of space in a closet, try storing it there as well.


LaMonte Riker

I loved this blog entry, the evolution of the lap desk is scintillating. Might I suggest for future lapdesks a magnetic dry erase surface, i've been using my lap desk like this since I first saw magnetic bulletin boards in an office supply store. I bought one and dismantled it and affixed it to my prized lap desk. The steel was very thin and lightweight. this served my need as I use my lap desk to draw people outdoors and wind can be too much for the elastic bands that come with the lap desk.(when I bought my first one you were still using jumbo rubber bands which haven't the longevity of your fine boards.)So today I ordered my second board and I will surely adapt that one as well. I just wrote a review today of the Levenger Lap Desk as well, you can read more there.

rosemary odum


Thought it time I told you how much I have enjoyed my lap desk.

I bought it so long ago, my board reads"patent pending." Used as a desk for my grandsons when they were toddlers, now I use it daily to work on the NYTimes puzzle, as I enjoy my morning coffee.

Thanks for making heirloom products.
Rosemary Odum, Lakeland Florida


I agree with KHR about the stand--I used one at my parents' house, and when I went to order one, was disappointed not to have the stand available. Please bring it back and offer it as a separate option for those of us who have already purchased the desk without the stand.

Mary Ascher

Since I own a Lapalot, apparently I’ve had it since 2007 and after. The varnish has worn some where the mouse gets used, but I can live with that. The problem that is causing me to want to get rid of it is related to the bottom. There’s a plastic thing ready to poke through the black nylon. No amount of shaking the beads and/or rearranging the other foam padding is doing anything to decrease the sharpmess of the plastic. As I move it off my lap and slide it onto the table, I am scratching the hell out of my chairside table - another fine Levenger product. I don’t want to do that. Does anybody else have this problem? How can we solve it? (I’ll check back here weekly to see what solutions there might be). Thanks.

Mim Harrison

Dear Ms. Ascher,

Thanks for getting in touch. I sent you an email but don't know if you received it. We have contacted our Customer Service team about your inquiry, so you should be hearing from them shortly. Thanks again for writing.

Mim Harrison

Elizabeth Horan

I've just bought my third lap desk - #1 entered my life about 15 years ago and it's still getting daily use; #s 2 and 3 for my husband's and daughter's small apartments. But what a shame that my first one is the only one to have come with a small stand! Soon I will find a carpenter to make me a couple but really, it would be much, much easier if you were to just sell them - I recall the catalog copy that you used, saying that the desk could be stored upright in small spaces and look like a piece of modern sculpture ...

Claudia Saad @Best Lap Desk with Storage Review

I used to work long hours on a short desk and that really hurt my back and neck. With these new lapdesk, I get to choose my positions.


I bought one years ago and it had a stand.

Now, looking for another one, I see there is no longer a stand included or even sold separately. I am very disappointed.

I will wait to purchase when you (hopefully) make a stand. It would be so much easier to stand it up on end.

shirley ellul

I will put this request in a tweet. I would like to see a lapdesk that has a 14-gauge cross-stitch printed or etched in it for my cross stitch projects.

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