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October 28, 2008


Sabne Raznik

There are also the little brownies in the movie "Willow." Beee-eeeer! Heh, heh, something from my childhood.

Barb Thames

Another hit entry for the blog!

I did know that brownies were fairy people and had read books (tho who remembers which ones after this long) that referred to them.

But I never knew that Kodak had named the camera for them. And my very first camera was a Brownie.

About the new guy -- he's adorable! And the crane is lovely.


C. Malone

The Brownies are from a different era, but I grew up with their books--and I'm not ancient (52). Delightful new addition to your inventory!

Martin Torodash, Ph.D., F.R.G.S.

This is the first time I have accessed the blog and I'm not certain that it's the proper venue for a sugggestion; namely, that you offer reading glasses in your catalogue but not the readily available Chinese-manufactured items. Hammacher Schlemmer offered a quality Zeiss pair some years ago but they no longer stock them and Zeiss may not manufacture them any longer but an organization such as yours might convince them to restore the item to their offerings. I had a pair but unfortunately stepped on them and they were not repairable.Your catalogue features eyeglass cases and photographs show reading glasses so I have the temerity to offer this suggestion being, perhaps not your best customer but, one who has just counted a baker's dozen of your products in my home.
Hoping to hear a positive response from you.

Logo Design

Hi there,
I was just passing by to your blog that's the old post but i enjoyed reading it and i like the Pens that seems really pretty when i was in school i had much interest in designed and printed colorful pens.This get me back to my childhood.

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