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November 05, 2008


Anne Williams

The cars
The old phonograph
The letter from Daisy to Gatsby

caren epps

A Mia Farrow-esque woman, seated on the ground with her knees to one side in a flowing 1920's chiffon dress, a long rope of pearls, with her flapper hat (tiny curls escaping the "helmet hat"), either with or without the signature cigarette holder and cigarette, staring pensively off into her daydream.....


How about one bookend being the flamboyant Gatsby mansion in West Egg, the other the more stately Buchanan mansion in East Egg?

David Haigh

The Gatsby bookends- The roadster, the link and instrument in the final destruction of the whole torrid and twisted lives of the characters?

Mary S. Parisi

I would love to see a bookend with the form of a turtle sticking his neck out and the inscription: "Behold the turtle, he doesn't make progress unless he sticks his neck out!" This is not my Gatsby bookend but one I have desired for a long time to give to my 8 grandchildren.

Vicki Dial

If it could be done, I'd have the bookends be two Rolls Royces, facing in opposite directions: The one on the left in mint condition, 2 glasses of bubbly champagne on the dash, a string of lustrous pearls hanging haphazardly from the rearview mirror, a gentleman's straw hat flung carelessly on the seat with his rumpled bowtie tucked inside.....on the other end, facing away, or in the opposite direction, I'd have a crashed rolls royce, with a shattered windshield, a flat tire, and a dented fender; remnants of a pearl necklace, broken and barely hanging by a thread from the rearview mirror, with loose beads scattered inside the car; the 2 champagne glasses, little more than slivers of glass now, scattered beneath the seats and twinkling like diamonds where they cascaded over the wheel well and into the street upon impact; the man's hat skewered by the car's antenna; and a book, wrenched open by the force of the crash, lying open and exposed on the seat, pages damaged, dirty, and torn...host to a small pile of ashes.


I do not have a suggestion for your Gatsby bookends, but I would like to make a comment about the dog bookends. First of all, I think that they are delightful and very well done. But, while I do not dislike dogs, I prefer cats and I believe that there are as many literary cats to be considered. Ko-ko and Yum-Yum, Sneakie Pie, Alice's Cheshire Cat, Dr. Seuss's hatted cat, and others spring to mind.

David Reilly

I would have one bookmark be the top hat of Gatsby and the other bookmark be his car. You could also add a book beside each of the bookmarks like in the dog bookstands.


Bookends should be of Gatsby and Daisy in an Art Deco style similar to the works of Erte.


I would suggest a dock with, perhaps a boat, the green dock light that so entranced Gatsby. Another book end concept could be Dr. Eckleburg's yellow spectacles (mentioned as a billboard or advertisement in the book).

Joey and Maggie

Did the bookend sell out? We don't see it anymore!!

Steve Leveen

Dear Joey and Maggie,

Our dachshund bookend was so popular that we've sold all of our holiday shipment. But not to worry--we'll have more this spring, most likely in May. I'll give our Customer Service group your contact information so they can let you know when the little dachsie is back. It's worth the wait, I promise--he's almost as adorable as the real thing (and much more obedient).



I'd like to see some Mark Twain bookends...one with Tom's friends whitewashing the fence on one side and Tom and Huck resting against the fence on the other.

Mark Tully

I purchased your "reading bear" bookends -they are absolutely great.

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