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November 30, 2008


Diana Raabe

Well, it just makes sense! Why would anyone want to lug around an overstuffed briefcase or heavy backpack when there are so many attractive options?

Bruce Garlock

I use the Bomber Jacket Messenger as well, and I love having this practical, cargo pocket. Being a father of two young girls, it is a necessity. I am also the go-to guy, for when someone needs something small fixed or a band aid, or any number of obscure items that I carry in my bag, including tools.

When someone comments on the masculinity (or lack of) I usually say something to the effect that I am more than comfortable with my masculinity, and it is *you* who has the problem, since it doesn't seem to bother me one bit. This is usually followed by a pause from the person, some obvious thought process going on, and then something along the lines of "yeah, I guess so, so what do you keep in there?" I then show them what I keep in my bag, and most people are stunned at how much stuff it holds.

I rely on my Bomber Jacket Messenger daily, and usually don't leave home without it. Sometimes it is a diaper bag, sometimes a tool bag, or electronics depot, or sometimes a little of each :-)

Chip Dietrich

I carry a man bag all of the time. It is too cumbersome to put all of my "stuff" in pants pockets. Everything is ready without fail. A very nice wallet that I bought from you years ago would not fit into a pocket so I began using the bag with sections to accommodate all of the needed contents.


You scared me for a minute. I thought you were trying to convince us females to stick to one small bag. I was about to protest about my notebook (Circa, btw--I'll use nothing else), my book, my date book, my iPod, my wallet and keys and glasses and knitting

...and I realized you were talking to the men. Here in New York, school-style back packs are the normal bag for the casual guy, most of whom carry more junk around than the females.

J.H. Schick

Some bags are too big -- the more STUFF you're going to haul. I've
used a small Coach leather bag 9-1/2" inches high, 9 inches wide with fold-over cover (a slim shoulder strap,easily removed/stored,as well as a full handle, 3-inch width bag) -- handles small cameras,cell phones,glasses; small water bottle-- whatever. It has a manly look and can easily be stored in carry-on luggage. This bag, now 20 years old, is no longer available.It looks better than when it was new, as do most well-made leather products.Can be easily carried in same hand with a lap-top handle. The big bags look like you're week-ending at the office or bar.

W. Naylor

Have carred various bags for 10 years, as a Pastor of church I always have had a need for more than pockets-- mail, couple books, iPod, Circa, etc. Have used backpacks, messenger bags, etc., recently traded a friend a Video iPod for a Levenger Saddle Bag Sling, Best Bag yet!!!

Harry Palmer

While I do not carry a messenger bag, I have carried different "man bag's" for about 20 years. It was not always convenient to put my wallet, check book, glasses, and keys into a brief case. When I wasn't working, I lugged all of this stuff around in my hand. What a pain. Speaking of pain, the worst thing that a man can do for his back is carry a wallet in his back pocket!

I eventually realized that if I was man enough to carry a rifle in Viet Nam, my manhood wouldn't be threatened by carrying a "man bag." I think that carrying your personal items in a bag is extremely practical, and convenient.

Oh yah, did I mention that I live in Texas. Real men don't have to worry about "what a real man" does...he just does it.


Yes, please carry a bag of some sort instead of a backpack (unless you're hiking, etc.). A backpack is fine if you're a college student. After that, I strongly encourage men and women to grow up, dress like adults, and carry a real bag.

H P Burstyn

I'm a small bag guy myself. Like some of the other posters, I carry some pocket tools, a notebook and a number of Levenger writing instruments (fountain pens, pencil/ballpoint combo etc.).
Carrying a bag not only keeps clothes neat (no "baggy" pockets), but they contribute to the environment -- small purchases slip right in. Don't need to carry an extra shopping bag or waste a plastic bag.
As much as I love the look of the Levenger leather bags, I opt for nylon ones that aren't as classy, but are definitely lighter.

J Epperson

Hey Steve,

The Bomber Collection is not just for guys! I'm from Rhode Island, so the soft leather and plaid does give me fond memories of my grandfather. It's a little taste of home now that I live in Florida.

I manage a radio station and am a doctoral candidate, so my Bomber Slim brief hauls everything from my Bomber Junior circa for work, to text books, to my Circa school notebook. I have a relatively new smart phone, but still love to write, and Levenger fits the bill nicely.

While I loved the full-sized padded Laptop Bomber, I found that it became too heavy for me to carry. The Slim Brief is just my size. Thank you!


The Bomber Jacket Collection is . . . how should I put it? "Da Bomb!" Aside from the all the great things you've described, it is the ultimate in men’s style!

Everywhere I go, someone comments on the Slim Brief or the Zip Folio (Naturally, seeing how the Circa system works blows their mind but, back to the Bomber Jacket Collection.) Just like you said, it's comfortable for a man and yet it's not overstated. It looks like something a guy would use and it doesn't look like it's being used to make a statement (like, "look at me"). But it does make a statement.

And as for carrying these tools outside of the office -- you bettcha! Even in the conservative Midwest I've not been challenged. The leather is masculine enough I now get to take whatever I need with me, without schlepping a "Beach bag"-look-alike wherever I go.

People notice and they are impressed. I will purchase more items because the quality shows but it doesn't look like I'm being pretentious. It’s nice to coordinate the desk accessories with the briefcase without being too flashy. Subtle style makes a bigger impact than anything else!



Another small bag guy here. My personal EDC (every day carry) bag is a waxed cotton Timbuk2 Metro, one of their smallest bags. I see lots of women with this bag too but the waxed cotton in brown is great for a guy. Perfect size for my Circa Junior, the slew of mobile electronics I haul around,and various sundry items. I can easily fit my Eee PC in it with just a little arranging.

The people who smirk at a man with a small bag are usually the ones who end up needing to borrow your knife/leatherman/phone charger/ibuprofen etc. Then they get it.

Diaper Bag Macho Man Style

This post was excellent. It took a lot of work to get my husband to carry around a diaper bag when we had our first child, and after some hemming and hawing, he agreed once I got him a "macho" diaper bag. I'm definitely going to pass this post on his way so that he'll consider getting a small bag rather than always giving me stuff to carry in my purse now that our son is past the diaper bag stage.

RaJuR real deep kool

I just bought a Giani Bernini small backpack. I have no problem with my manhood. I have larger backpacks by Barneys, and a few messengers, small and larger. It's like wearing niche perfume, which I collect and review on YouTube..I wear what I want. Ill carry what I want as well. RaJuR real deep kool

Rick Smiley

Now that you have so many other Tusting bags, bring back the saddlebag sling!

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