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February 25, 2009


John Fields

While not a regular contributor, in the interest of helping out, I think you would find of interest an article at Smithsonian.com concerning the view James Restron has of the movie---he was present "at the creation"

Jeff Rosenberg

I enjoy watching a movie first then reading the book. I look for where the movie differed from the book and then think about what the director had in mind. Additionally, I then imagine how I might have done some scenes differently after reading the book. Many times when I read the book first I was disappointed with the movie version. I am a visual person even when I read I create pictures in my mind.

Micheal Dean

One adaption that comes to mind is 'A river runs through it'. I found the movie lyrical and just a taste of the state of mind when fly-fishing. The book sucked big time. It seemed to me a confusing mess. Of the few that truly work, in my most humble opinion, are Leon Uris' 'QB-7" and Larry McMurtry's 'Lonesome Dove'. The movie and book compliment/supplement each other. The adaption of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' was to have been released last November or December. It seems to have disappeared from domestic screens. I've anticipated this since reading one of the most profound and best distopians ever published.

Cheryl Conway

Movies from books...it's always the great debate in our house. As an avid reader, if I have found a book to be an incredible story where characters have evolved in my brain because of their development by the author, I often find it very difficult to sit through the movie. Sometimes the casting is just dead on right, but the background story is just not fully developed as on screen, so the film seems shallow and lacking. Some movies get it just right - a major credit to the screenwriters, director, and actors. In my house, the book generally wins. You can take away the movie, but you can never have my books!

Sharyle Doherty

I agree with you about The Reader. I saw the movie and wanted to learn more (usually there is so much more depth in the book), so I read the book. I found the book and the movie to be different yet complementary. The movie created scenes that expressed the ideas in the book beautifully. The book gave you more insight into the main character's thinking. Well worth seeing the movie and reading the book.

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