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March 24, 2009



Love these comments from a certifiable traditionalist ... a strong proponent of traditional individualist pursuits and refined accoutrements - inks, fountain pens, memoirs of history's great characters and moments, reading, writing, a love for quality paper notes, notetaking and of course, an appreciation for the written word and human expression!

YES!! Twitter is building a groundswell of unlikely enthusiasts who are legitimizing this form of "conversation." It is like electronic crabgrass....sprouting up everywhere! Tweet. Tweet.

Lady Glamis

This is interesting. I expected you to say that you weren't on Twitter, but there you are! I don't do Twitter yet, but as a novelist, I suppose I should! I spend so much time blogging that most of my "tweets" would just say "blogging again" - that's pretty boring.

So glad to hear you're having fun with it though! Excuse me while I go shop for more Levenger products. *sigh*

Robert Ferguson

On a scale of one to three, how important is "twitter"?

Bradley East

Twittering raises greater numbers of people to unmatched levels of superficiality. Life is not haiku or, digital.

Bruce Garlock

When I describe Twitter to people, I liken it to a CB radio, with a scanner that you can tune in to various channels. I think my favorite part about twitter is the 140 character limitation, which forces people to be concise about what they say. If you have more to say, just tweet a link to a blog post. I love it.


There must be a mental condition attached with constant web usage. If you haven't seen it, yoono.com is a great Firefox add-on that lets you see all your facebook, twitter, and IM activity in one window. It even hooks up to your email and RSS feeds. With it and my wallet writer dock-it, I hopefully won't miss or forget anything. However, neither feeds the cat and until that happens I won't be truly satisfied.

Lyn Koster

Twitter is the busy person's answer. I didn't know I was asking the question "How can I express an opinion in a minute, and hear back from my community?" Besides, I can get snippets of information from Leo (LaPorte), David (Pogue), Steve (Leveen!), and others, and get back to my busy day.

I've loved and used Levenger forever (introduced it to Wichita, KS singlehandedly in 1999 when I moved here from CO.) Bomber Jacket is not just for men, by the way, my BJ duffle carries my photography equipment. I'll be happy to follow Steve and Levenger on Twitter.

Susie Kuranishi

Confused, confounded. When did twit-bites supercede the experience of thoughtfully savoring life's complexity?

David Pray

I recently purchased a product for a project I've managed and wrote about it on my BLOG...also sent a tweat out about it. Within minutes, I heard back from the VP of marketing...Sonos...whole house audio. I follow Sonos and get about 4-5 tweats a day with useful info like links to good music.

For tweats you are really interedt in...forward them to your handheld as an SMS text. Lot going on here and worth the time experimenting.....@davidpray.


This is all just a tad bit dizzying. The twit, tweet, tweeter part, I mean. Not to mention all the windows open at the same time. Yikes. Makes me want to run to a meditation room.

I'll bet our brains are evolving right now, as we speak, to cope with all this.

Ed Brenegar

Twitter is a value added tool. It doesn't replace anything else. It isn't like anything else. It is the closest social media tool to regular conversation than anything out there. We can be silly and profound within a matter of seconds of one another. Of all the social media platforms, it alone requires the most discipline to get something out of it. It can easily be trivial or profound, and virtually in the same breadth. And if you follow a lot of people, it is easy to see it as a huge waste of time.
I like Twitter a lot. I've met some fascinating people and learned some really interesting information. I highly recommend it.

Nancy Pugh

was looking through your blog & found this post...i signed up for twitter a few months ago & have never activated it. (do i really want to hear all those tweets?) lol! anyway - wanted to tell you, while we're on the subject of tech - your new (sm) Book Traveler will fit a Kindle2 - which i have. thought you'd like to know!

danny bloom

a year from now, nobody will be on twitter. it's completely hyped over the top. nada to it.

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