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April 01, 2009



A book that has changed our world or the way masses of people think about things?

The World is Flat by Friedman
Kabul Beauty School by Rodriguez
Outliers by Gladwell
Purple Cow by Godin

Bill Dawson

It is hard to overpraise this book, or rather the individual who inspired it. No one can read it without being deeply touched by his cause, and the depth of his commitment. It explores the deepest levels of what it means to be human, and what our commitments are to others.


Erasmus's Greek New Testament
Noah Webster's English Dictionary
The Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude Shannon



As a resident of Sherman, Texas, and graduate of Austin College (Sherman, Texas), my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Mortenson and hearing, first hand, his amazing story.

Austin College has a Leadership Institute, and each year presents the Austin College Posey Leadership Award to a special individual who has given - unselfishly - to a humanitarian effort (anywhere in the World) to benefit others. Greg Mortenson was this year's recipient. The Leadership Award included a $100,000 presentation which Mr. Mortenson is using to establish an endowed scholarship fund to benefit the education of children in the difficult-to-reach areas of Pakistan. The scholarship fund is in memory of his sister, Christa, who inspired him in his failed attempt to reach the summit of K-2. This failed attempt ultimately led Mr. Mortenson to the Pakistan village of Korphe where he built his first school.

Greg Mortenson was, is, and will always be: A Gentle Giant.



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