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April 14, 2009



The illustrated version of Strunk and White, it's fairly new, maybe 5 years old, is lovely.


I read it, I memorized it, I still have the copy I bought some 35 years ago. However perfect old Strunk and White is, we should mention that some "rules" are made up, and made to be ignored. The famous "never end a sentence with a preposition" has been famously usurped by the elegant "to boldly go where man has never gone before."
Of course, one must know the rules to break them!

J. Gelats

I agree with your professor's advice about memorizing The Elements of Style. The book has served me well over the years. My first copy was a gift from my boss when I asked how I could improve my business writing.
There is a new version with illustrations by the internationally acclaimed New York Times and New Yorker illustrator Maira Kalman. http://www.mairakalman.com/elements.html
It makes a perfect thank you or hostess gift. Perhaps Levenger should carry it in the stores and online!

William York

Hi Steve,
I am a huge fan of Circa! As a college student, at age 50 no less, I use Circa every day!!! I also use the new "smart pen" from the folks at live scribe. I would love to see circa paper have the "livescribe" digital paper format as well as 3 x 5 cards. Your two companies seem almost made for each other!!!

Here's a link: http://www.livescribe.com/

Davey Moyers

I too have found Strunk and White timeless. Another how-to book that captured me is On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Mr. Zinsser breaks writing non-fiction down into principles, methods, and attitudes. Like Strunk and White he champions brevity. These two works are probably core to any writer and interesting reading to the non-writer as well. I've found these works facilitate better reading, as a deeper understanding of the writing process helps with focus, analysis, and comprehension.

Nanette Wiser

William Zinsser's On Writing Well, Strunk & Wright's Elements of Style and Steve Leveen's Well Read Blog are my three biggest inspirations as a journalist. While at Cornell, I had the pleasure of unearthing some original Elements of Style, inscribed with a greeting from my college colleague, Mr. Leveen, which I treasure--along with the Levenger publications--to this day.

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