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July 22, 2009


Brian Scott Richardson

you meet an old friend with every turn of the page.

Shelley Ryan

...you have to keep buying the same book over and over because you impulsively give your copy to a friend.

Jill O'Neill

You know you're in book love when the ideas expressed by the author keep coming back to you throughout the day.

Twila Oxley Price

I have two definitions, depending on if I've been reading fiction or non-fiction.

You dream about the characters and they haunt you for days after you've finished the book, until you give in and reread the darn thing!

You keep quoting bits and pieces of your favorite information out of the book, and buttonhole coworkers and anyone else you can to hear how awesome this book is.

Brian Scott Richardson

characters become friends, settings become as vivid as life and the stories become treasured memories.


You know you're in book love when you buy extra copies because you "might need them".

Jeff Jones

You know you are in book love when you have a library card from the town where you spent your vacation.

Ruth A. Asbery

Are we allowed to repost our Twitter's? I'm the “…you read your friend's birthday present b4 he gets it.”

Pauline Baird Jones

you add the book to your "comfort read" shelf and pull it out to reread when you are down.

Jean M. Appleton

You know you're in book love when you are planning to put your house on the market because it no longer has enough wall space for all of the bookshelves you need to house your (still growing) collection.

Melanie Evans

You sit in church on Sunday with your favorite book hidden inside the hymnal or Bible. For the record.....I only did this when I was a kid (grin).

Walter L. Ritter

You know you are in book love when you consistently re-read brilliant passages, mark them, record the page numbers in the front of the book and then give a copy of the book to your eighth grade English teacher of fifty-seven years ago because you know that she'll love the book in the same way you do.


..you enjoy every single re-read like a visit with an old dear friend..

Ranti Junus

... the real world around you get blurred and you become the main character of the story.

Robert Ferguson

You know you're in book love when you wake up in the middle of the night to the gentle murmuring of "read me, read me" coming from your favorite book and you open it and finish it before going back to bed or the alarm rings.

Mark Wukas

...it never leaves your nightstand.

Bill Bradford

You know you are in book love when you'd rather call in sick to work so you can finish it NOW instead of LATER.

Laura Thieme

...a book enables you to cry and to laugh within the same night, and you're willing to do this in public on a plane! Two books caused me to do this on two separate occasions while travelling.

David Froment

...when you're not reading the book, you're living the story.

Stephen Keyes

You know you are in book love when you buy BOTH the book and the book-on-tape, so you can continue 'reading' the book while on your commute to and from work.

Carol Jo

You know you’re in book love when…
You have to reread sentences because tears have blurred your vision.

Carol Hill

You know you're in book love when you don't hear the phone or see the room getting dark because you're completely absorbed in the author's world, and you find yourself trying to slow down as you near the last few pages because as much as you want to know how the story ends, you also never want to leave.

Gretchen Hunter

You've lost count of the number of copies of the book that you've bought for others

Susann Robitski Cannon

...I read the book rather than wait to listen to it as an audiobook, even though my "not enough RAM" information processing problems (from multiple sclerosis) demand that I devote absolutely, totally focused attention to reading.

(Its easier for me to process information in words by listening to someone read the words rather than reading them myself.)

E C Tan

...when every other page has a line or two that speak/s to the core of our inner being...

...when the margins are colourfully marked up with yr handwritten thoughts peppered with exclamation marks, stars, etc.....

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