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August 31, 2009



... you look for an excuse to send the kids to bed early, so you can start (or finish!) a book you've been waiting to read....

Fred Putnam

I know that I am in book love when I am sad to realize that I have passed the halfway point, or when I put a book down only to pick it up to read "just that scene" "one more time", and end up reading a few pages before ("just for a ramp up") and a few pages after ("for continuity") and a few more on each side until "I've read the whole thing a second time!" And, yes, this does happen.

Lynne Chandler

When I finished The Road, I started again with page 1. I watched the author's interviews with Oprah, and now I continue to wonder if he came through this area of TN on the way to the beach. It changed me forever.

J Bradshaw

It is nice to see that others also have a "Well Read Life."

Mark PLackett

...it's 11:30 p.m. and you know it's going to take an hour or more to finish the book, and you have a critical day tomorrow, and you (I) finish the book anyway!

Jean M. Appleton

I just got the email announcing me as a winner, and I'm thrilled!! And yes, Steve, I must admit, I had just been browsing the BookBoxes when...

Marguerite Tuccillo

I know I am into a book when I read far into the night and don't care if I will be tired into the morning-I have read over 100 books in the last year and have to put my name in side the cover so I don't read it again-we have a library in our club house and I have a sony e-book that is constantly on charging-I recent ordered a lap book reader with the clip on lamp so I don't disturb my honey-who constantly tells me to turn out the light, it is great-i love it.

Ruth Roberson

I am in book love when I visit an adult child in another city, start reading a book he/she is reading . . and get so engrossed in it that I "accidentally" take the book with me when I leave. (Of course, I return the book soon as I finish it. . . with many apologies).

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

I know I'm in book love when I finish a book with the combination of a passionate desire to tell my dearest friends, along with concern that if they don't like it as much I as did that I might not feel the same about them ever again :-).

Nina Aguilar

You know you are in book love when.....
.....you "have" to go to the bathroom, in order to justify not doing something else, just in order to read some more. And you read so much more that both your legs fall asleep, and you fall over when you stand up! And then, of course, they KNOW what you were doing....
But it doesn't stop me from doing it again!!

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