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September 15, 2009


jimmy Springett

Hi Steve, this is very good work...looking and listening to others who through life lessons, gained in wisdom and shared these truths for all who can read.
The past few weeks have been rougher than most, having recently lost my mom on August 25...so I have been looking at her wisdom...what I can say is she is so Christ- like and always had the wisdom of the ages..here are just a few of her golden gifts...always saying nice things about people and very encouraging when the chips were down, sharing her bounty every day, doing for others with no thought of any return, and most importantly being truthful yet remaining respectful and not hurting feelings. When you put this all together...it means I love you unconditionally with no strings attached...just as you are... to live and let live...so in our family, being raised in a Christian home, Jesus is our Lord and Savior.....so I guess you can say that goes back a few generations, yet our times even with all our technology boil down to this "treating those in our midst the same way we want to be treated" and if applying this wisdom to every act with friend and family,even strangers, we'd all become close friends, respecting one another. The magic in this little story about loving one another...the fear is no more...have the best evening...when you get a moment try helping some wolves...they are in trouble these days...so few remain...and they are God's 4 legged helpers too...peace be yours...Jim Springett-artist

Mark Wukas

The city is the teacher of the man. Plutarch

George Ittner

Hats off to Mim and Steve for finding something from the past that we have forgotten or overlooked. Plutarch, and Levenger Press, will keep us grounded admidst the storm about us. Many thanks.

Royce Carter

Where are the people today with this kind of wisdom, or are we not taking the time to sort out the quiet voice in all the noise?

Michael  E. Powell

What about some wisdom and insight from a few early Jewish philosophers? Same with early Christian fathers? These guys were nothing to sneeze at!

Steve R.

"Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius is another great work along these lines - the only self-help book you'll even need, and it has been around for more than a thousand years.

David Bell

I have a Product suggestion:
Can you add the option of annotated paper to Notabilia, and include a page ribbon?

David Bell

Steve Leveen

Dear David,

Your Notabilia idea has been noted! I'll share with our Merchandising group. We're always interested in hearing what may be of help to customers. Thanks for getting in touch. All best wishes, Steve

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