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September 08, 2009


Wayne Howell

I love this change. I have always looked to Levenger to supply me with all my writing needs. This enhances that ability. Thank you.

Suma CM

Yay! This is exciting news. As an editor at a major comics and newspaper column syndicate, I have to respond to numerous unsolicited submissions each week (everyone who thinks they're drawing what will become the next Dilbert, etc.). To alleviate the tedium of sending rejections, I started using the fountain pen that I use for sketching -- a Lamy Safari. As I wrote note after note, it hit me that one of the biggest advantages of the fountain pen is its sustainability. I'm refilling my pen from glass ink bottles that can be recycled, instead of throwing away dozens of plastic pens. My colleagues may think I'm a little odd for sticking to an old tool (and yes, we've recently switched to mostly electronic submissions, too) but I'm confident that the people who receive my handwritten notes are grateful for getting something personalized instead of a form letter. Better for me, better for them, better for the earth. What's not to like?


I'm very pleased to know you're re-introducing more fountain pens - but I do wish that your True Writers had true fine nibs. In my experience, they're more medium than fine, and it's a shame, because they are so gorgeous...


I'm so happy about this! Haven't had such good news in my email in a long time.

Lorraine Rallof

I wondered what happened to the various brands & styles of pens you used to carry. Thanks for explaining. I did try a True Writer ball point five or six years ago & didn't like it, so I returned it. I have a 1948 Parker 51 & some of my best penmanship of my "seventy nine" years was accomplished with this writing instrument. I will look forward to seeing the different pens in your future catalogs.

Sincerely, Lorraine Rallof, Green Bay, WI

Jack Hoey

I'm very pleased with your decision. I bought my first Pelikans through Levenger. I've never liked the TrueWriter nibs -- just a preference. Like one of the other commenters, I don't want to have to look outside the Levenger catalog for fine writing products.


Whether or not fountain pens are "fashionable," they are still my writing instrument of choice. I applaud Levenger for recognizing that there is still a market for fine writing instruments, whether they are Levenger brand or Pelican, Waterford, etc., and I am delighted that I can now purchase other brands as well as Levenger...simply because I prefer to give you my business as a satisfied customer of many years.

kelly peters

it makes me so happy to buy and use "real" pens from you - and nice to have options . . .

Valdez Deboe

One of my joys of living in Florida was coming to your store in Delrey and trying out the different pens. PENFEST was such a joy for someone who believes in slowing down and putting fountain pen to paper to journal, write a letter (my favorite stationery are your legal pads...I love drawing and making sidebar comments in the margin) or sketch out an idea.
In this age of microwave mentality (twitter, facebook, e-mail), it is nice to know that someone still loves and appreciates the smell and taste of an oven (loving the feel and flow of a fountain pen).

Kelly Seltzer

This is wonderful news! Yet another reason why I love Levenger. I am slowly converting family, friends and co-workers to unplugging from their busy lives to savor the joy of writing...on good paper...with a fine pen. It's a hard sell sometimes, but totally worth the effort.

G.C., California

Thank you for including offerings from other fine pen manufacturers. This enhances the appeal of Levenger as the place to go for all our needs. Your website only gets better and better.
I appreciate your business model and willingness to provide for the customer. Great products and great service. Good for you!

Jim W.

Having just browsed in an Office Depot store, gazing at the plethora of pens they carry, I noticed that most pens today come with fine or ultra-fine points. I, on the other hand, crave the capability to generate richly colored, bold, and expressive script. Where Levenger can shine is by offering pens of quality that deliver not only the rarer wider line widths but also a spectrum of lush, rich chromatic ink pigments--not just for fountain pens but also for rollerballs.

Dr Charles Gillenwater

Thank you. Now, while you are at it, let's bring back the dip quill pens too. Good for you! Let's hope that pen and ink never leave us, electronics cannot replace the experience.


Ever since I was in school, I have loved fountain pens. As an adult, I have re-discovered them. I currently own a Namiki vanishing pen, a Sailor with a music nib, a True Writer, a Cross, and a Parker. I would own more except I can't use them all as often as I would like. Still, there is nothing like the feel of a fine fountain pen in your hand, nor the enjoyment you get from writing with a finely crafted and beautiful instrument. Thank you for making Levenger my one stop shop for all of my writing needs (and desires!).


Yay. Glad you are offering different pens again, it's been awhile. I think your customers truly missed that option!


Honestly, I'd like a fountain pen that the stroke yields to the pressure of the artist's line. In the past, I used the quill pen you have to dip in ink. Is it possible such a fountain pen works like the quill point pen?

Royce Carter

Thank you for your pens. I still like to send handwritten notes to people know you took the time to think it out.


Yipee! Well done Levenger! Glad to see that I can order different pens again.


Glad to see the other brands back in your lineup. I'm addicted to using my Parker Duofold for everything from letters to grocery lists. But refills were getting hard to find, nice to have a reliable source again. I use the cartridges, they travel better than a bottle.

Pat Bielecki

Now that you are carrying other brands of fountain pen, please re-think offering cartridges for the Parker pen in your wonderful colors of inks! You have stopped making them but I still prefer your amethyst to other brands.

Ronald Chastine

This is great news! For years, I purchased fine fountain pens from Levenger. I was greatly disappointed when you dropped them from your catalogs and stores (even if I did get to buy three high end fountain pens at going out of business prices!). The variety of various brands adds spice to your offerings, and frankly I never quit buying fountain pens -- so, now I will be able again to buy one of my favorite products from my favorite store. THANKS! Ron C.

Robert D. Rudnicki MD

Kudos. As a collector and avid user of fountain pens I am excited to hear that you wil be carrying the major brands of writing instruments. I visit your store in Boca Raton frequently and have built up quite a collection of Levenger Fountain Pens. They are quite marvelous especially the Plumpster. I am absolutely thrilled that I will once again be able to obtain the other brands as I have at the Delray Beach facility. Perhaps if we unplug more often and take the time to appreciate the fine art of writing we can also begin to appreciate the small pleasures of life. Again my thanks and I will be seeing you in the Town Center Mall very soon.

David Shein, Dallas, OR

The businessman in me agrees completely with your logic, but my emotional side thinks this change is 'way overdue. As with others who have replied, it was Levenger that introduced me (or, more precisely, reintroduced me) to fountain pens a few years back. Your reintroduction of other makers' pens is sort of bittersweet for me, though; you got me so profoundly hooked that now I only buy pens specifically customized for me (stubs, cursive italics, etc.). And once in a great while I splurge on something a wee bit too specialized for your catalog -- an OMAS celluloid, for instance. That said, I still prefer your inks to all others, and I use a lot of rollerballs, too -- nearly all of which come from Levenger. And you're right about one other thing, too: your customer service is second to none. Keep it up -- all of it!

Steve Leveen

Wow, you guys are great. Thank you so much for the supportive reaction to us re-introducing other-brand pens. I'm impressed at how many fountain pen lovers there are. We're encouraged to keep the ink flowing, my friends. All best wishes,

P.S. Yes, lots of people, including me, dip their fountain pens in ink bottles, even if they are using cartridges.

Ridge Walker

Thank you.

Levenger introduced me to Sailor, which I consider to have the finest nibs and pens in the world.

Well done, Steve!

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