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September 21, 2009


Gloria Fruit

This is a really tough choice -- all are valuable and worthy of # 1 spot. My choice, finally, is Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, for the depth and breadth of the novel and the artistry of the writing. Like all truly great works of literature, it speaks to and about its time, and it transcends that time in a universal sense.


This was fun - and gave me my reading material for the next few months. (I voted for Faulkner's Collected Stories.)

Pam Newman

Tough choice to single out one from these six, but as I had to -- Flannery O'Connor.

Nicole Oria

Eudora Welty. But it was a tough choice.

Elizabeth Sproul

I bought the first two books on the list, have started the Cheever stories. I will read most of the books on the list through the winter. A good challenge. I love your "Well Read Life" e-mails.

Karen S.

Flannery O'Connor is one of my all time favorites; but Ellison's 'The Invisible Man' speaks to the heart of human despair,and the lack of connection with and to a larger society because of one's difference(s). Although written years ago and focusing on a racial difference, today's society is inundated with people experiencing that same sense of being missed, swallowed up, invisible. I think the story is fitting for today's society.

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