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November 30, 2009


Suma CM

Yes to small things, and yes to monograms on desktop gifts! I'm not generally a "monogram" type of person -- I wouldn't ever get them on shirts or linens -- but some of the objects I use the most are an old cherry page-and-pen holder, which arcs the paper to keep it upright naturally, and a forked red leather bookmark/paper weight -- both from Levenger, and both monogrammed gifts given to me by my college roommate many years ago.

Ellen Lienhard

I enjoyed your feature on small items; I do very much regret that you no longer carry the large or small matchbook notebooks. I found them invaluable in many ways and was most disappointed to find this particular small treasure deleted. Any chance they will come back at some point?

steve leveen

Dear Ellen,

I'm happy to report that our Matchbooks will make an encore appearance this spring. And you're right--they're great little tablets for jotting ideas. Thanks for having them in your toolbox!


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