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December 27, 2009


David Froment

Happy New Year to all the teachers who taught us how to read. They're the underpaid heroes who go to work every day and take their papers home every night to correct.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

I already liked the Levenger community I have come to know through your site, your blog, and your articles, but learning about your philanthropy just seals the deal about feeling this is a community to which I want to belong. This is important work. As a board member of our own area's community foundation, I know that literacy is a vital issue everywhere. Keep up the good work.

I gave away two copies of "The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life" for Christmas, but snatched my husband's copy and read it before he had a chance. Now I'm going to order my own copy and re-read it so I can write in the margins! That book is a life-changer, but you'll be hearing more from me later on that.

Happy New Year, Steve, to you, your family, and everyone at Levenger who works so hard to shine a light on the joy and importance of reading.

marsha steinwegd

i have been a book lover all my life, i now own three thousand books, and they are my lifeblood. i have enjoyed discovering new artists, and there is truly nothing better than reading a book, for you can go anywhere, anytime, and anyplace sitting in your favorite chair, and turning the paper, and reading. i also love fountain pens, for writing with them slows time down, and the true art of writing flows with your thoughts. thank you.

Dennis Fullalove

My aunt developed the reading curriculum for a major school district. From a very young age I was encouraged to read by my parents and my aunt. I appreciate the opportunities that a love for reading has afforded me. Thank you for promoting the importance of learning to read and helping people to learn to enjoy reading.

Steve, happy New Year to you, your family, and your associates at Levenger.

Lorraine Rallof

I thank God every day that I can read, absorb, learn & enjoy it. I still like reading a book better than a computer screen. Am I old-fashioned? Could be! I am a first-generation American and my 80th birthday is just around the corner. My thanks to everyone at Levenger who supports reading programs.

Tony Donnelly

Hi Steve

Having happily used your products for three years - can I propose that you seriously consider introducing Levenger to the UK and Europe?

I genuinely believe that your well structured products will find a place in this market. Understandably there will be language issues in mainland Europe but having launched two successful businesses in Europe from a UK base - I know that quality transcends any perceived barriers.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.

Kind Regards,

Tony Donnelly

Steve Kress

I've asked about a Levenger Kindle cover. I happen to have a large journal (81/4 x 6) in the bomber jacket style. It fits the Kindle perfectly! A hinge mechanism in the inner spine and you'd have it! Just a thought - love your products - long time patron.


Pat Bowers

I love Levenger and have been a devoted customer since you've been in business! I think you should consider a Levenger card for those of us who make the Levenger experience a regular part of our lives. You'd corral the most devoted and make it easy to order and connect. You'd save some money in your phone centers and make it easy on your customers as well. Over the years, my only disappointment was in the discontinuation of the compact (and very convenient) Circa agendas. I bought them for myself and my daughters (complete with leather covers) and just as suddenly they were gone. Please consider a return! I do love Levenger!

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