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December 14, 2009


Frankie Morgan

I love Levenger and went to the store often when it was in Delray Beach. I do not do malls and least of all Boca Mall; you did the business an injustice when you moved there.

steve leveen

Thank you for your comment and your business with us. We used to love our outlet here in Delray Beach, but when we moved our warehouse to Memphis (a very green thing to do), it made no sense to ship returns and blemished merchandise the 1,000 miles back to Delray Beach. We opened in the mall to be convenient to most customers in our local area, but I do realize it was more convenient for some to just drive to our headquarters here in Delray. In any event, we have returns available to you, wherever you live, on our eBay outlet; and more merchandise than we can ever carry in a store is available at Levenger.com. I hope you’ll continue to be our customer. All best wishes to you. Steve


I just bought my first fountain pen(plumster on a diet) and I'm thrilled that I bought it from Levenger. I went on to buy the 5 year journal. The quality of this journal is far above my expectation. I plan to buy a few more copies for gifts. I wish I had found this sooner!! I've had contacts with customer service several times via email with questions after questions about your products and always got a response, and C.S. is always making a comment that Levenger wants to make sure that I am 100% satisfied with any purchases that I make and if not, "they will make it right." I plan to continue to do business with you and as long as you provide the high quality in your products and the customer service, you will be in business for many many years to come.
New customer in Connecticut

Sherry Rentschler

Steve, I'm giving several of Item 7 and over a dozen of #13. Bless Levenger. And thank you for all you seek out for us. At my best, writing becomes a luxurious joy, and even when my writing is not so hot, I feel empowered that I "will" succeed. How can I not surrounded with journals, pens, inks, address books, tote bags and ear bud holders so deliciously functional and beautiful? Merry Christmas to you and yours and see you in the new year!

S. Terenzio


I have only recently discovered Levenger. Great items, and I like the classical approach you take.

I arrived too late, apparently, to purchase the Laplearner. Please bring it back.



Steve Leveen

Dear Folks,

A Happy New Year thank you to all. I'm especially heartened by our new customers. Isn't it a wonderful thing to write with your first fountain pen--that last mechanical reproduction of the feather? Wishing you all an enchanting 2010.


Wanda Cuniff

I am very happy with my new Bloomsbury Book bag, with which I treated myself for Christmas, and love the extras...but can you identify the little plastic whatsits in green, blue and yellow...they seem to be some kind of tiny clip????
Mystified in Nacogdoches.

mim harrison

Dear Wanda,

Yes, those are multi-colored Mini Clips for holding mini stacks of paper together. We're glad you're enjoying your bag.

Regards from all of us at Levenger.


Hi there, I wanted to know what weight paper should be used for the Circa notebooks. I noticed that the paper for it is 60 lb paper, and I read somewhere that ideally it should be 20-60 lb paper. I want to use regular legal ruled paper that is 16 lb. Do you think it'll work?

Steve Leveen

Dear Summer,

I'm delighted to hear that you're making Circa your own. The reason we recommend a heavier weight paper is that it will better withstand being removed from the rings and refiled elsewhere in your notebook. Lighter-weight paper can only take so much tugging. Try it, but if you're not happy with the results, go to a heavier paper. Best, Steve

Christopher Olander

You are missing the iPad boat! I researched cases for the device exhaustively, and finally ordered a very inexpensive faux leather ipad case. See http://www.handhelditems.com/luxury-padiwallet-leather-case-ipad-black-free-screen-protector-p-134761.html

The case for an iPad needs to be as slim as possible, but provide just enough storage for a sheet of paper or cleaning cloth. The one on the link above is just fine, BUT, unlike Apple's case (it takes real effort to get the iPad out once it is in), the iPad will slide out where it slid in, without much more than rotating the case, when open, in the wrong direction. A simple snap tab on the left side would eliminate the problem. My point is to take the design of the referenced case, add the snap closure, perhaps make it out of very thin, fine leather, and they'll be beating down your door for one!

Steve Leveen

Dear Christopher,

I see you, too, are an iPad fan. We certainly share your passion at Levenger for having the right gear for this wondrous tech tool. If you enter "iPad" into the Search box on the Levenger.com homepage, you'll find a slew of bags and other items that are iPad-friendly. Meantime, I've shared your remarks with our designers. Many thanks!

All best,

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