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July 30, 2010


Elizabeth Sproul

I really love your stories, this one about the designer of the two chairs. I also have a living room and a sun room with NO computers. My computer is in my utility room, with a sewing machine and filing cabinet and second refrigerator, washer and dryer. I have not had a television in the living room since 1965. I am 74 years old. I have been married 54 years.
Thank you for "Well Read Life".
You do NOT need to use this on your stories.
Elizabeth Sproul

Saundra Green

Since I am 80% bedridden I would like to say your products have not only made my tasks easier,but life as well. My question is since I all ready have the Nantucket Lifter, how can I just get the velcro attached cushion.
Thank You
saundra green

Steve Leveen

Dear Saundra,

I'm humbled and happy to hear that our products have contributed to your quality of life. I will share your message with our Merchandising group, who is always looking for ways to help our customers be more productive. We don't sell the cushion separately--but I don't think you'd want it, as it only works with the laptop lifter. Thanks again for letting us know our products are of help. All best wishes, Steve

Daniel Day

I work from a shed at the bottom of the garden, running a small advisory business. The shed is small - I'd love it to be as big as my living area (house) but what would I do with all the extra space??

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