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September 04, 2010


kurt  bomze

Though retired now from clinical pediatric dentistry, I am still occasionally lecturing
and consulting, I found a way to fulfill one of my passions-photography.I have entered juried photography shows, winning some awards. I was also given the opportunity for a few years to photograph for the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association their annual banquet. In addition I have been, for the last several years, one of the prime volunteer photographers for Komen Race for the Cure-Philadelphia Affiliate. What a joy.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

The propensity for loving -- and being interested in -- lots of things can be both a blessing and a curse, but having just passed the marker of my 60th birthday, I am trying to be more discriminating. It's always a balancing act.

I have started a blog which gives me an outlet for writing creativity, and I've chosen community foundation work as the primary recipient for my non-church volunteer and philanthropic energy. These are above and beyond running my desktop publishing business and eldercare responsibilities. Life is full, to be sure.

Rick Estep

Before I became a quadrapledgic from a car accident, I worked a 60 hour-a-week job, and IF there was any time left for the fun things, I did them.
Now, working part-time for my church (which has its own Heavenly rewards), I MAKE time for the things I enjoy doing.
We all get only one life on this earth. What more of an incentive can you get than that to do the things you like?
Oh and Steve, I liked your "1G technology" comment about Hedy Lamarr, ha ha. Very clever!

Charles A. Burroughs

Taking off from Steve's first paragraph, above, John Burroughs, the East Coast naturalist (but with some time spent in Alaska at the end of the 19th century with the Harriman Expedition) did some of his best writing while employed by the Treasury Department while temporarily living in the Washington, D.C., area. He had a "stand-up" writing desk outside a large vault. His job was to "guard the money!" One of his best friends during that period was Walt Whitman, who had served as a nurse during the Civil War years. If I'm not mistaken, John had a standing invitation to the White House, also during that period of his life. He is still less well known as John Muir of the West Coast. Both were invited by Harriman to join the Alaska Expedition and both accepted. By the way, J.B. was the "scribe" for that adventure. Burroughs was known as "John of the Birds" while Muir was "John of the Mountains."

Charles A. Burroughs
Lake Jamie, Pike County, PA

Mim Harrison

Dear Mr. Burroughs,

That's fascinating stuff about the Harriman Expedition. It's good to give those lesser-knowns their due! Walt Whitman, by the way, is one of the 50 in our Day Job book, for exactly the job you mention here.

All best,

(editor of Levenger Press)

First Health Medicare

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to do what our passions are or what we love to do. Some would think that it is only a privilege that a few can afford to enjoy, but we can always turn it around, by learning to excel and love what we do.

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