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September 20, 2010


Elizabeth Sproul

The old and new together, I use a computer every day, at home, for money management and e-mail and typing letters that are printed. I read books and magazines on my lap in my recliner chair. I keep a daily journal, hand written. My hand writing is good. I can look up things from several years back. I am 74 years old. I worked in offices when we used manual typewriters, then electric typewriters. I was retired before computers were in offices much. I like the old and new together. My family uses computers a LOT.

James A. Gollata


How appropriate that you titled your comments about Internet usage "Still Fits." I suggest that we use the term to approximate the many little mental jerks which occur when we are cyber-absorbed, as a significant neurological oxymoron....

James A. Gollata

Douglas Turner

I am an IT professional (Network Administrator) and I use the Levenger system for both my initial notes at work and my Dayplanner. I find that writing things down as I am working helps me remember what I am doing and forces me to organize my thoughts better.
Of course I also use fountain pens for my writing. The feel of the nib gliding over the ink and paper is almost therapeutic. I definitely think that the title "Still Fits" is quite appropriate for me as well.

Melinda McConnell

The key to "still fits" is to let it serve you, not the other way around. I use an iphone and a Macbook pro. I enjoy a fountain pen, though I am still learning to view it as an everyday item. We have a lovely fireplace in our retirement home and I have really enjoyed learning to build a wood fire. I enjoy musical instruments and like taking care of them, putting strings on, learning to keep a hammer dulcimer in tune(new purchase). Really, anything from an iphone to music to books to fountain pens to leather goods are things you have to be willing to "mess with" and take care of.

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