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October 14, 2010


Jeff Cramer

I just received my copy of HENRY DAVID THOREAU ON CAPE COD. Having the maps is not only a wonderful and interesting addition, but the book is a joy to hold. It is beautifully produced and serves as a reminder to us all about what a book can be. Thank you Steve and to all at Levenger.

Beth Van Vorst Gray

I am always curious about the world and worldview in which a writer plies his trade. The writer's reaching back for substance upon which to base observations, and reaching forward, eloquently, to ponder the next step is the stuff of which dreams are made of.

The notion that knowledge of a geographical area (or other unexplored spheres of life as well) diminishes the mystery of it isn't my way of thinking.

Knowledge embracing an entity seems to invite one in to contemplate the millions of "small spheres" within, leading to respect for the whole, wonderment as the unexplored becomes known, and mystery still abounds as to the source of it all!

I am thinking especially of the exploration of the heaven and skies; still magnificiently beautiful--breathtakingly so some nights (if we could but find a "Walden Pond" from which to view it). As the curtain on each mystery--Mars, the moon, black holes-- is opened slightly, the more questions we have, creating new mysteries, perhaps, for future generations---who need to read Walden to see what the world was like as we have, century by century, trod the path of discovery!

Beth Van Vorst Gray

Rick Estep

Every time I open a map, I find myself looking at it 3 or 4 times longer than I had planned. There is something intriguing about "place" that makes me want to look deeper and imagine what it may be like, what it may have been in the past, and also what the future may bring to it. Even though the whole world has been mapped, we have GPS and highways, maps still open up a place for the individual.

I have never read Thoreau, but have wanted to. This new book may be my starting point for his writings.

Thank you Levenger Press for publishing this new work.

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