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November 04, 2010


Aaron Andrews

I definitely do my best thinking at a desk, even though I have all the capabilities to work without one. There is just something about a clean, wooden desktop, good Levenger paper and a fountain pen to get my brain working at peak performance!

Steve Leveen

Yes! I agree completely, Aaron! So nice to have a wide open desk, even though there are stacks elsewhere. Many thanks for your comment--and your business. Steve

Ian Waltenbery

I am not surprised that you continue to work on developing the perfect desk. Wood workers continue to debate, design and build benches even though benches have been in shops for at least 1000 years.

The desk or bench is a vital working tool. In my shop I pick quality tools that will serve for a life time. When working with pen and paper I choose quality once again. Not having to fight with one's tools means that one can concentrate on the work at hand more easily and produce better quality with similar effort.

The perfect desk the totally usable bench, the right pen and the best tool chest or bag is a life long quest.

Elizabeth Cottrell

My grandmother gave me a lovely wooden desk when I was a girl...one of the traditional styles in which the hinged lid opens out and down to rest on the pulled-out supports and becomes the writing surface. Its most wonderful feature was two panels that appeared to be decorative spacers between the cubby holes, but they each pulled out to reveal a secret space for hiding those love letters or other things I didn't want my brothers to see.

Even now, at the age of 60, that desk is a special place for pulling out my pen and paper and engaging in that wonderful low-tech activity of note-writing. A blank page is just full of so much possibility! Connecting with others through personal notes is more important than ever as fewer notes are written and sent. I'm committed to encouraging its revival, and am grateful to you for all you do through your writing and your company to encourage writing and reading!

Ann Estep

I love to work at a desk or tabletop. That is the only place my brain can seem to focus. I am a fiction writer and when I try to use my laptop to work on my couch, or in the backseat of a car, or at the beach - I always find that my mind has wandered and been missing for a long time (sometimes hours). There are days when I have deadlines to meet and simply don't have the time to waste fighting for concentration. Although I write my stories on the computer - because I can't write with pen and paper fast enough to not forget my thoughts - not a week goes by that I don't sit and put pen to paper to write a note to a friend (or notes to dozens of friends). I love your catalog and website because not only can I find the special types of products I truly enjoy using - but I get to read the comments left by your customers and remember that educated and well-spoken people are not entirely consigned to the past.

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