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December 13, 2010


E. Melvin

Thank you so much for the work you do. I work in a Title I school as do most of my friends, and through the work you and others do we are able to improve literacy in our communities. Now I can feel less guilty as I imbibe in my own "Guilty little pleasures." Thank you again, not only for your amazing products, but for giving to communities everywhere.


I've been in George Eastman's house many times and never made the connection between the products in your catalog and the mansion. Great video.

John  T (Jack) Garland

Hi Steve, We have been great fans for many years as we enjoy quite a few Levenger products. Thoroughly enjoyed a presentation you gave in Delray (sponsored by either Northern Trust or Cornell Alumni Club of Eastern Florida) illustrated by slides of products that did or did not sell well, and outlining the process of development. We visited the warehouse several times before it moved (and we moved to MN).

This thank-you is prompted by observing our grandson use an old lap desk (propped on a pillow) to make his new small train climb up. Know you are interested in new uses for your fine products.

Best regards and wishes for the new year.

Stephanie Brown

I have been shopping in your Boston store for many many years. In fact, staff know me by name. I am thrilled to know that Levenger supports non-profit organizations. Do you donate out of date products (leather binders and ink pens) to charities with missions that align with yours? I am the new CEO of a domestic violence program in Boston, and recently learned that we used to provide graduates of our economic self-sufficiency course with nice binders and pens. However, with budget cuts, we have eliminated those graduation gifts and replaced them with paper folders. I would love to introduce a new group of people to Levenger products!

Mim Harrison

Dear Stephanie,

Thanks so much for contacting us and letting us know about your program. How sad that we need these programs, but how wonderful that you are doing something about it. Our contributions are focused on literacy-based initiatives, so we're not really equipped for what you're suggesting. But I thank you for sharing the idea, and I'm so glad you enjoy our Boston store.

All best,

Mim at Levenger

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