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January 21, 2011


Alison Carey

Hi Steve - I bought one of the very earliest eReaders when they first came out, and I love this column you've written because it echoes exactly what I told all my friends at that time: My eReader doesn't replace my paper library, it supplements it. In fact, I've found that I've read MORE books since I got my eReader, not less. It's been a revelation to me, and I wouldn't want to do without it. I still buy paper books, and I will continue to buy electronic books. Thanks for pointing this out.

Margaret N. Harker

Thank you for another fascinating article, which I read the same day I read of Reynolds Price's death. I didn't know one could annotate an e-book,keep these notes, and keep a record of what I have read; setting up a computer database has so far been too daunting. For now I use scribbles in Circa notebook by my reading chair.
I am glad I don't have to feel guilty about quitting reading a book that is yuck. Keep sending out your thoughts. Sincerely, Margaret N. Harker

Carol Dodd

Just finished reading "This Book is Overdue." While not so "highbrow" it did make my head spin as to where libraries are in this first decade of the 21st century, and where they are going. This book dovetails nicely with your blog.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

Steve, kudos to you for again embracing technology and helping us put it into perspective. I have absolutely found that my Kindle reading has enriched and expanded my reading experience. It allows me to download at least a sample of a book that someone recommends so it won't disappear from my radar screen. It has totally eliminated any wasted days between finishing one book and starting another, so my volume of reading has increased.

Since I write book reviews of virtually every book I read on GoodReads, I also love being able to review my highlights and notes to be more specific and articulate in my comments and impressions.

I'll always have -- and love -- my real books, but oh, I do love a lighter weight carry-on bag!


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide: Reviews by a Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant Reader

Hmm. I have an iPad. The amount of books I read hasn't changed. The one thing I will say about my iPad is that publishers are making ARC's [advance reader copies] available for ereaders. So I can get review copies within a matter of hours not days or weeks.

I'll always be a tree book girl.

Ann Heiney

While agreeing with what you say, I would like to expand appreciation of the ebook to include its cousin the audiobook. When I began listening to my iPhone's audiobok offerings, it was for the satisfacton of accessing a book while flat on my back and uncomfortable holding the physical book or the iPhone at eye level.
Later, I used the audiobook as a companion on my daily walk, as I had long been doing with the Teaching Company's lectures. The pleasure of learning enhances the walks, and the exercise sharpens the mind.
The fundamental pleasure is that of sharing thoughts with another person of our choice.

Steve Leveen

Hey friends, what great comments and ideas. I, too, love audiobooks and sing their praises for allowing me to bring more books into my life (Most recently, Super Sad True Love Story, which I recommend). This morning I read that Amazon sold more ebooks than paperbacks, yet paperback book sales are up, too. Good news. I look forward to being part of this historic transformation in reading--and to continuing the conversation with all of you.

Dr. David C Alves

So Steve . . . when can I purchase one of my favorite books, "The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life" for my KINDLE? I'd also like to subscribe to this blog on my KINDLE for all the reasons you listed above.

Hope you won't keep us waiting too long now that you've convinced us of the value of ebooks. :-)

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