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January 28, 2011


Lynn K. Buchanan

At 80, I have seen a lot of bicycling miles. Been hit by a hit & run driver (intentional) and seen another one on an Arizona ride but so far am still riding. Used to ride 4000 miles per year, now am almost satisfied by 3000.

I guess I will have to get that book to put in my library (after reading it), but the walls are lined with 3 & 4 deep barrister bookcases. I may have to quit buying the bookcases, tho, no more wall space.

Lynn B

Charles B

Enjoyed this treatise on cycling. Brought back memories of my own cycling days as a teen ager and young adult. I do remember the danger of navigating busy urban streets and always being alert to the opening of car doors as I passed parked cars along the roadway. Now, closing in on 80, I think I much prefer being on x-c skis in winter negotiating wide wood roads on a snowy morning.

Steve Leveen

Dear Lynn and Charles,

You two are inspirations to me! For reading and doing. Keep on biking and skiing!

All best,


Cyclist Jerseys Jeff

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Mike - Rig My Roll

I couldn't agree more. I'm a cyclist but there are days that are too hot that I use the car too. Honestly, you can find inconsiderate drivers, cyclist, pedestrians, etc. anywhere. The point is everyone should be responsible when on the road. This will help avoid accidents and road rages.

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