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March 31, 2011


Cathy Ellis

I work in healthcare and have a true passion for the science and the art. However, finance and regulations are diminishing passion. The circa system has given me a real lift because I can play with it, work with it and change it to improve what I do. Cannot WAIT to see the circa behance and action method notebooks.

Edward W

This is a dream collaboration and brilliant. Can't wait...


I had no idea we Dreamers were meant to also be Doers! Could it be that the Circa system is going to lead me out of my cloud of undoing into the daunting world of Doing? If it happens, I'll report back or at least think about it.

Lisa O


I knew there was a reason I loved Levenger products - I too am a cornellian. I've purchased Circa products for years, and finally have found a system that uses them to my best advantage...Just purchased the Rhodia meeting book, and I think this Behance collaboration will enhance my system further. Thank you!

Steve Leveen

Thank you all for your insightful and enthusiastic comments. I had the pleasure of attending the 99% Conference last week in NYC, along with about 450 others, to see Scott in action as well as a cast of luminaries who talked about how we can all Make Ideas Happen. I highly recommend Scott's book, and then that you experiment with your tools and systems--digital and analog--to find your sweet spot. We're proud to help supply some of the arrows in your quivers. Cheers to you all.

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