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May 31, 2011


Himanshu Shekhar

Hi Steve,

Why don't you have any presence in India. I think, you will get very big market here. So, on some fine day (very soon) do come here and I'm sure you will appreciate India as it lives in both worlds, the modern one and the classic one, at same time.

Himanshu Shekhar

Ian Waltenbery

They are right. It is not how many books but how many readers.


The Springfield-Greene County Library System in Springfield, MO hasn't gone Deweyless, but is still pretty innovative--their new downtown branch has fewer books, many front facing and even has upholstered cubicles you can curl up in with a book. All of their newer branches have coffee shops ala Borders and Barnes & Noble, and comfy seating to read in, and for the those that have Ereaders is even hosting classes on how to check out library materials with them. I love their website--I can search for books online during my lunch break and have them held for me at my local branch. For those of us who miss having the time to peruse the stacks, this is a convenient alternative.

Douglas Turner

I am very excited about the idea of a library grouping by Subject rather than strictly by Dewey. I am a fan of several particular types of fiction and have found new authors at book stores due to the grouping of fiction by type.


This is a fantastic example of breaking through traditional molds and using multiple sources for inspiration to create a new system that works. I used to haunt libraries as a kid, and volunteered in them. I knew the Dewey decimal system. The large library system in my city never seemed user-friendly. Limited hours, outdated materials, limited parking, poor locations and difficulty finding books were just some of the problems. I recognize the role of budgetary constraints and older buildings. Some issues, though, were the result of clinging to systems that did not work despite the librarians' best efforts. I am inspired to check them out again to see if things have improved. Maybe I will order less online and enjoy the library experience again. Thanks for sharing this story.

Ruby - Sumo Services

I couldn't agree more. The best partnership is when the government and businesses work together for a good cause. Innovation should always be done from the ground up. It can never be the other way around. Green building is a brilliant project.

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