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October 26, 2011



Thanks for inspiring some holiday gift ideas!


I love both of these products, thank you for sharing this.

Ron Weekes


Just got the holiday catalogue. I love what you are doing in Levenger Press with the facsimile books -- what a wonderful idea. Mind if I reference these in our online business website?

My congratulations on this venture.



Amnuai Beckenham

As a Thai lady who has founded a group of remote Thai village weavers about 100km from Yasothon called Thai Silk Magic, I found your post to be so very refreshing. We create and market world-wide high quality handmade silk and we have a similar philosophy. The very fact that Levenger makes the effort to understand and appreciate their suppliers is very special. Added to that, the fact that you have set up your Upholding Literacy program indicates a realistic and honorable business partnership, as children's education is vital to our Thai villages in order to break the vicious cycle of debt that exists. This is the very basis of our Thai Silk Magic mission so well done. I congratulate you.

Steve Leveen

Dear Amunai,

Many thanks for your kind words and the description of your Thai Silk Magic. Feel free to contact my assistant, Janet, at our Delray Beach HQ if you'd like to explore doing business together.

All best wishes for continued success.



I love my Thai Pad even more now.

Jose S Cardenas

Hello Steven and all my friends of Levenger:

That is a great report with those lovely pictures, thanks for sharing all that captivating information about the way the Thai Pads are manufactured in Thailand.

I have one Thai Pad since long time ago and today I ordered a second one.

I work as the Manager of an Art Gallery in Manhattan (New York) and whenever I have my Thai Pad on top of my desk (which I usually do) many customers praise it; until now, I have being just telling them that I got it at www.levenger.com but from now on I'll share with them those pictures of tiny village of Yasothon, Thailand.

Congratulations and greetings,


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