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November 15, 2011


Charles A. Burroughs

Although my "old briefcase" is not a Tusting, for its time (c1956), it was very well constructed and gave me trusty service for at least 25 years before I replaced it with a more "modern" attache case, more fitting for my station in life at that time. I purchased it from an upscale luggage shop in Waterbury, CT, as I set out on my four to five years of college as an engineering student at UCONN, initially attending the Waterbury Branch for the first semester "over the mountain" from my hometown of Bristol. But then I found the commute to the Hartford Branch for the next three semesters to be a bit more agreeable.
The briefcase, with brass hardware and adorned with my initials "C.A.B" and four brass knobs on the bottom, stood up very well through all kinds of weather, from the tropics of Hawaii to an assignment in the Canadian Arctic one winter. I do recall, when assigned as commanding officer of the NOAA Ship FAIRWEATHER to Alaskan waters in 1974, that one of the leather side gussets began to wear thin. So I turned it over to the Bos'n aboard that ship to reinforce it with a combination of stitching and an epoxy of some kind (fibreglass?). That repair has held up to this day.

If you would like a few photos, I can send them.

Captain, NOAA (Ret.)

Steve Leveen

Dear Captain Burroughs,

What a great story of a prized case. Yes, please send the photos. I'd love to see them. You can send to our HQ at 420 S. Congress Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33445. All best, Steve

John Hogerheide

I have owned a Tusting Clipper for about 20 years now. During that time, my bag has out lived eight (8) laptop computers, over twenty-five (25) notebooks, hundreds of pens and pencils and countless trains, planes and automobile trips! This bag has seen the world and has traveled from New York to China with stops all throughout Europe...To this day, my bag is still in service and I refuse to replace it with any other bag. The word "durability" is an understatement to the quality and reliability of my Clipper!

Charles A. Burroughs

Dear Steve,

Thanks for your blog on that recent trilogy by Scot Miller: Emerson, Thoreau, and Muir. These personalities are all-time favorites of mine.

I'll be going to southern Chile soon (see "Patagonia Frontiers") for a period of R & R (i.e., trekking, etc.). I only hope that I can return from that adventure with photos half as good as must appear in this book.


Dr. Michael A. Milton

Stories like these distinguish Levenger from others and bring great honor on a remarkable American company. I think your example also inspires other young aspiring merchants to see that business can be much more than buying and selling commodities to people (who can, alas, also become commodities). Excellence with rich layers of tradition and with respect for craftsmanship and value can and usually will equal well-deserved reward.

Well done!

Michael A. Milton, MPA, PhD
North Carolina

Vicki Dellone

I have owned a Levenger Briefbag since the mid to late 1990s and still carry it every day. For 3 1/2 years, I traveled on airlines on a weekly basis...and the bag went with me everywhere. It still looks lovely, and scrapes just buff out. I believe it's a Tusting. I remember it being advertised as "made in England of saddle leather"...The tag simply says "Levenger, Made in England." It has been and continues to be a a treasure to use. I still receive compliments on it.

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