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December 05, 2011



There should be time for both books and sports. We had a family read-aloud when the kids were growing up. We also had a read-aloud while we were waiting for the school bus. After the first child the others were always with us when we were reading, whether chapter books or picture books, so it was from infancy on. All of my kids read by the time they were three and always had a book in the car for travel time to sports or waiting for a sibling's practice to end.

Joan Rice

Hooray for more comments like this. It is very balanced - children want to hear fantasy or use their computers. But, the great emphasis here is on exposing children to all kinds of literature and doing it within the family circle (I loved her comments about how it is interrupted by burps or phone calls - that's reality!). Let's try to provide some guidance of this sort to more families who would do the right thing for their children if someone showed them how to do it. And, thank YOU for providing this opportunity for everyone to express their opinions. Signed, Librarian's daughter

Mary Lange

My daughter was a travel soccer player from the age of 8. We traveled just about every weekend around the southern states for her to go to tournaments. However, she always had a book with her to read in the evenings after spending time with her teammates. I think that is mixing the best of both worlds. My daughter is now a college sophomore who still enjoys soccer and reading.

Steve Leveen

Lovely comments, Sandy, Joan and Mary. I could not agree more. Louis L'Amour said "'Read, read, read. Do, do, do."

Some of my best memories as a father are listening to audiobooks while driving to hiking spots with the boys.

Happy Holidays, with a bit of reading, to you all,


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