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December 12, 2011


CJ Horn

One of the tests of time regarding Levenger is that over the years, each time we have had to move, the Levenger items always go with us. When we make choices of what to take, our lamps, book containers, lap desks and bags, are just as useful today as they were 20-25 years ago. Thanks for being such a big part of our lives.
CJ and Clyde

John H

Love the idea of "conscious capitalism" -- a much-needed example of capitalism in a positive light. Great way to describe what you do!

Steve Leveen

Dear CJ and Clyde,

What a nice tribute you've given us--that your Levenger gear lasts and earns the right to stay with you as you move. That's our idea of sustainability. Many thanks for the warming words this holiday season.

And John H, yes, I believe in the power tools of capitalism to do good in this world. We're happy to be a small part of that.

Happy Holidays!


The Rev. Timothy W Sadler

I enjoy using your products and several years ago I had the opportunity to visit your Florida store. My congregational council just shared Christmas presents with me. Through the assistance of my wife I received a wide array of your products to work with over the years from our congregational council. Your products are of such quality they endure daily use and in some cases refine with age. I would like to suggest the possibility of adding a stylus with your Levenger pens. I have begun using an Ipad and would find a Levenger Stylus to be a very functional addition to my pocket of tools.
Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays.
The Rev. Timothy W. Sadler
Lead Pastor
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church--Carlisle, PA.

Steve Leveen

Dear Rev. Sadler,

Many thanks for your kind words about Levenger. Thanks as well to your conspiring wife and congregational council who aid in our business!

I love the idea of refining with age. May it be so for us all.

As for your suggestion for a Levenger Stylus, I agree. Watch our emails and catalog for some new offerings there, I hope, soon next year.

Happy New Year to you and yours,


Herbert D. Hentzen, III

Dear Mr. Leveen,

I have been using Levenger products for over a decade. They are thoughtfully designed, of the highest quality and your customer service is right up there with the best - Levenger, Apple, Southwest and Costco !

Your December 12th comment that you partner with institutions that promote learning and literacy really struck a chord with me. I applaud you and your whole team at Levenger for your passion and dedication.

As it turns out, I will be in Palm Beach Gardens from the 16th - 22nd of February. I would very much like to stop by and say hello to you and your outstanding team!

I pray you and everyone at Levenger have the best year yet in 2012.


Herbert D. Hentzen, III

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