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May 07, 2012


Sheena Russell

Thanks for this post. You've put into words very clearly what I try to instill in my clients. It's very important that both PA and client manage their time efficiently in order to achieve the best results.

Claire Phillips

I find your comments about multitasking so true - especially as I get older. Still, the "habit" is hard to break. It feels so counterproductive to not be doing something while I'm on a phone call, yet I find that I miss things if I'm not focused on that call. I look forward to trying your system, as I've always believed paper and pen will prevail in the end.

Martin Lindeskog

Steve & Julie: Have you heard about Jean Moroney's "Thinking on Paper" tactic? I interviewed Jean on my BlogTalkRadio podcast show on October 20, 2010.

Vickie Ranz

I just wanted to let you know that this was a great article (among many). I mentioned it on my blog.

Nothing will ever quite compare to pen and paper and writing slowly and thoughtfully. There are plenty of us, I believe, who still enjoy it and don't plan to ever let the pen or the paper out of their lives--even to the point where if we had to, we'd learn how to make our own.

Thanks for all the writing you do. I learn from the blogs.


I'm a long-time Circa user , easily 10 years, and tho' I have all the latest tech, I just automatically gravitate to pen/paper. It's just more comfortable and invitational: lets the brain make many more significant connections.

I really like this post and Julie's insights and advice. Thanks to you both for supporting and enhancing a very balanced and brain-friendly approach to time management.


I am so excited you've brought Morgenstern to Levenger's products! It's the marriage of two things I love. Thank you!!


FedEx delivered my kit today, and I'm reviewing the materials. There are a lot of Julie's points that I concur with 100%. Multitasking, for example. It doesn't work. Giving full attention to the task gets it done to the best of your abilities. Then change gears and focus on the next task.

As a long-time Circa user, I love that you've given Julie the opportunity to create a Circa system to organise myself. It's not just efficient, it's fun!


Wonderful article, practical tips. Thanks so much, Levenger, for giving new life to Balanced Life Planner. I'm dying to order it for 2013, especially with your terrific deal going on right now. Do you know when it will be available?

Mim Harrison

To Dianne and our other fans of Julie's Balanced Life Planner--

You can order your 2013 agenda starting October 22nd, if you'd like to be an early bird. We expect them to be in stock the first part of November.

Thanks for checking in--

Mim Harrison

jacki whitford

Thank you for this wonderful article and for selling Julie Morgenstern's products. I listen to her books and re-read them at least once a year to make sure I do not slide back into old habits of multi-tasking, cluttering my life and wasting my time. Julie's tips for having a balanced life really work.

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