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September 14, 2012


Marc Newman

I would love to have the Levenger paper designs licensed for use by individuals (I can't read my own writing!) who would make use of the newer technology (tablets, ipads, iphones and laptops) with the ability to transfer the printed word onto the many and beautiful sheets of the Levenger collection!

I love working with your products and look forward to more attic relics becoming part and parcel of my life...I have loved revisiting and using the fountain pen thanks to your many different possibilities!

Pamela Keown

Thank you for your paper and your 3x5 cards I love to write on so much I can on longer tolerate mass-market index cards. Long-live-Levenger!

R. Estep

This article reminded me of another form of paper that's popular today, and that's the Scrapbook specialty papers available in many stores. Taken together with trips to the attic, people are bringing back memories and articles of the past and putting them into their own creative designs, possibly bringing 'other' old technologies back to revival.
Yes, you can not beat the old paper & pen/pencil feel.

Patricia Burnett

What a lovely history lesson.It is nice to hear from other paper users; sometimes one does feel like an old relic next to the shiny mobile devices. I love both paper and the electronoc devices and have found a place for both in my life.

Charles Berolzheimer

Yes, this is a very similar trend to what we're experiencing with younger people rediscovering what writing and drawing are like when using a distinctive wood-cased pencil such as the Palomino Blackwing. These and other high quality pencils are not what they experienced with the average yellow hex pencil of their school days that have been increasingly marginalized from a quality perspective over time, just as your standard paper pad and school notebook paper have been. Writing with a great pencil is even becoming cool again, and even a welcome break from using their digital devices.

When a great writing instrument is paired with an excellent individualized paper notebook, sketchbook or pad produced from great materials as you've described, I feel both inspiration and creative experience as a whole can be much more fulfilling. Even older people distanced from regular pencil use for many years experience a nostalgic, out of the attic, response to reengaging with a high quality pencil.

Jim Cassady

Our adult children are already re-discovering handwritten cards and notes, holiday letters from "Father Christmas" on parchment paper, remembrance books from grandparents and great grandparents...and none of these can be written on tissue paper. These are treasurers to be retained through generations, written by the hand of loved ones, and they deserve quality paper to last through time. I agree that both electronic delivery and paper are important, but watch the face of someone who actually touches the paper on which his or her great grandpaprent wrote.....awesome!

Katie Rose

Thank you for the history lesson and the positive discussion about the future of paper (and books - I am a librarian!) in our lives. The concept of the attic gives me a nice comeback for people asking me if the paper book is going away.
Most appreciated.


For me, nothing beats 3x5 cards for taking and leaving notes. But I really enjoyed the colored cards (esp the blue and gray) Levenger used to offer. Will they be returning?

Marsha Cosentino

Through FastCompany.com I read a synopsis of a recent study that relates to Levenger. It's called "Designing Colleges for More Than Just Connectivity." Maddy Burke-Vigeland, architect, conducted studies on campuses to find out where and how students spend their study time.

One of the surprising things she found out about Gens Y/Z was they "ranked pen and paper as the study tools they used most often on campus, followed closely by and in tandem with the laptop and Internet."

No attics for this bunch. They're using pens and notebooks on the ground floor of their lives.

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