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October 01, 2012


Marc Newman

I look forward to each Levenger new development...what I would love to have is the ability to license some of these tools to my, well of course...Mac so that I could use them on travels when writing may not be so convenient...this goes for the annotation note pages as well...Like the notes app on the iPad and iPhone...I would love to have levenger pages to add to my notes and note taking...

Robert Ferguson

It might be a good idea to learn from a master inventor about creativity. I know of one, his name is Yoshiro Nakamatsu, the inventor of the floppy disk. His story is amazing. He has 2,300 patents and over 3,000 inventions. He comes up with his ideas by diving to the bottom of his swimming pool and staying there until he almost passes out. He then comes up and goes to work. Well, that is rather drastic, but it works for him. He is a billionaire and lives in Tokyo. Here's a link: http://www.engology.com/eng5nakamatsu.htm.

jacki whitford

Thanks for introducing me to the Accidental Creative. I bought the CIRCA version of the pad and the audio version of the book. After I started using the pad, I ended up subscribing to the AC podcast, getting the reading guide to the book and buying the book. Thank you, Levenger, for continuing to bring the highest and best in creativity and time management to your customers. Keep up the great work.

Steve Surfaro

Steve, thanks so much for bringing the Idea Station to us! We just finished a School Security Workshop at the 60th Annual ASIS International Security Show and used it during a work group exercise. At first, the attendees didn't realize how fresh ideas can get generated, but when we started doing the word/phrase linking, they were impressed and at least two groups will be using the method at work! I thought it might be good to post a sample sheet I filled out as a guide, for others to use, even if I went a little complex on the phrases. Great system Todd and Steve! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzUtK0dnEzKZc1lHaHp1b1FaSWM/view?usp=sharing

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