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November 30, 2012


Donna Guiliano

The book for me was Kon Tiki. It took me to faraway exotic places, far from the small New Jersey town I grew up in where, when I looked out my window I saw the Manhattan skyline.

Pattie McManus Reber

When I was eight years old, T.H. White's MISTRESS MASHAM'S REPOSE was published. My mother read it to me, and later I read it to my fifth grade class. The book always gave me comfort and light. One has to empathize with the Lilliputians who want only to be left alone, and one learns with Maria that others must not be bullied but must be left to live their own lives. In the end, it comforts me when greed and meanness are defeated and Maria comes into her own at last.

Rick Estep

I need your help on this one!
When I was a young teen in the 70's, I found a small book in our local library, I think it must have been in the young/adult section.
I can't remember the title, but it was about a boy around my age that had a pet husky dog.
He lived somewhere by the mountains and had some kind of adventure or something. I think maybe he lost his dog and got him back.
I know, I know, kind of vague...
..but I was so captivated by the story, I read through the whole book on a Saturday afternoon without leaving the library!
(We lived within walking distance of the library.)
I would so love to find out what book that was.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Steve Leveen

Ah, lovely stories, Donna and Pattie, thank you for sharing. For me it was Now We Are Six by A.A. Milne. I can see the illustrations yet. It was the first book that took me outside myself and helped me begin to feel what others must feel. Happy Holidays, Steve

Loanis Menendez-Cuesta

HI Rick,
Mr. Leveen asked me to check out your book hunt...and since I love these scavenger hunts...

Could it be “Wild Dog” by Jane Rietveld? I believe it was originally published in 1953 but there was a 1970 reprint in paperback.

~This is a nice children's story about a young boy Jerry and his Canadian Husky dog, "Wild Dog." Jerry and Husky had wonderful times until Husky found out how thrilling it was to catch his own food, including the farmer's chickens. The book was published by Young Reader's Press and is dated 1970. Jane Rietveld wrote the book and also did the illustrations. Book is 189 pages.~ From Bluejay.com – a used book seller)

Let us know!

Loly, Delray Beach Public Library

Carol W Baca

I loved all four A. A. Milne Pooh books and poetry books--I still think Pooh's solution to all problems can't be beat, just declare that it is "time for a little something." Also, I still love to quote from the poems, from "Why would I go to the zoo and be bad? And would I be likely to say if I had?" and the beleaguered ship-wrecked sailor who can't decide what to do first ending with "I think it was dreadful the way he behaved, he did nothing but basking until he was saved" to the chanting refrain of "round about and round about and round about I go..." Classic!

Rudy Checker

So what happened to his tail???

Mim Harrison

Dear Rudy,

The absence of a tail is intentional, as we wanted to be true to the tale. Here is our truncated version of Desperaux's tale (and tail):

Despereaux, a tiny mouse with too-big ears, falls desperately in love with the princess whose castle he lives in. One day, while cornered, he gets his tail trimmed by the castle’s cook. When Despereaux learns that the princess has been kidnapped and is being held in the dungeon, he vows to rescue her. With a spool of red thread for his armor and a needle as his sword, he dashes off to save her. The bookend captures Despereaux in his passionate act of chivalry.

I hope this was of help.

All best,


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