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February 12, 2013


Jeff Poulin

The Redoute paintings are simply magnificent whether for the beauty of the flowers themselves or the artistry. And to discover they are watercolors, hardly the easiest medium to control. They are an education in aesthetics and painting technique.

Two other artists come to mind whose works have a similar effect. The first is Robert Bateman and his wildlife paintings, which capture both the accuracy and context of his subjects. The other is Monet with his Givenchy garden paintings. Obviously not for their accurate portrayal but for the ever-changing play of light in nature.

One can get lost in admiring these works and the study of these artists.

Mim Harrison

Dear Jeff,

Thanks so much for sharing your artist ideas--you reminded us that few gardens can compare with Monet's. We weren't familiar with Robert Bateman, so many thanks for introducing us to him and his marvelous wildlife portraits.

All best,


Laura Teague

I would love to see a collection of works by Maria Sibylla Merian and Louis van Houtte. Also Ernst Haeckel. It would be wonderful to be able to order collections of the complete works of any of the classic nature artists. I am excited to order your Redoute collection.

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