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October 29, 2013


Doug Manchester

It has shifted for me. When I was single, the earlier hours were for socializing at the coffee shop around the corner (pre-Twitter and Facebook). The evenings became my most productive and creative.
Now, with a family, it has shifted to using the earlier hours of the morning as my "thinking" time. Time to be in a quiet zone; a time when the day's strategy emerges.
Evenings have now become the social hours--a flip-flop from two decades ago.

Lynn Buchanan

That lake in the top pic sure doesn't look to me like Florida. It is more like my neck of the woods up here in the northwest.

I used to be an early riser, but at 83 I tend to sit in my library of bookcases from Levenger and reread some of my many books.

Lynn Buchanan

Cindy Wigglesworth

Lovely - so well said. Yes we see more clearly as our eyes age. :)
Hope you are doing well...

Judy Goodrich

Growing up on a farm, there were early morning chores before the school bus arrived. My sister and I would have preferred a little more sleep to feeding livestock. I think we grumbled every day. Now my husband and have our own farm, and for many years have had a 65 mile early morning commute. The stars are still out and the air is cool when we leave for work. Even on my day off I am up before daylight, in time to enjoy the quiet of a new day.

Lissy Davis

My Dad always told me that one hour of sleep before midnight was worth two hours after midnight. He wasn't Dutch, but he was very wise!

J Knox Morrison III

Excellent piece for contemmplation, as always.

One question, though - in section on "Sacred Space," 3rd para, you don't specify where Ladi got her astronomy degree nor yours in turf management (or is the "respectively" a tad turned around?).

Have always loved to twit you, Steve -- remember "bomber jackets" pictured on WWII USAAF fighter pilots in your catalogs?
Joe Morrison

al campoli

Mornings are my way of focusing for the day. I get many things done in the early mornings. Watering the garden, miscellaneous chores and looking at the sunrise!! I'm a photographer so getting up early allows me to capture the beauty of the new day. It's also a time for quiet reading. No disturbances and I get a lot more reading done in the morning than at any other time of day.

Steve Leveen

Sweet comments and memories, my friends. Yes, Lynn, you're right. That lake is not in Florida but in Switzerland, where I took the photo during an early morning break on a bike ride. (A guy's cycling trip I do every fall, lucky me.) My best to you all--Steve.

Carol Annino 116 Leward Dr. Miramar Beach Fl 32550

I love the expression "Joy begins with the Morning." I have always been an early morning riser. There is something magical about the morning air; the sweet smell of the morning dew brings a new dimension to the trees and the colorful shrubbery as they seem to raise their limbs to the morning sky. The morning touches my soul, especially when I hear the birds singing; it all seems so harmonic, like the sound of a dynamic symphony. Although I am retired, I look forward to getting up and out early for daily exercise classes, which stimulate the mind and body for a productive day.

Susan Young

Late night leaves a longer period of time to create. In the morning, the world is getting started, and any creative endeavor is interrupted with the work of the day. At night, the demands of the day fall away, leaving long stretches of quiet time for creative thought and action. Since a creative thought is like a surge of adrenaline, I'm revitalized even after a challenging day.

Bill Purdy

I became enthralled with the early morning when standing watch in the US Navy as the night sky lightened and the morning's beams began slowly spreading out from the eastern horizon across the slowly rolling ocean waves. Each of those days, and continuing these many years later, unbidden words rush into my consciousness, "Behold the dawn!"

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