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January 10, 2014


Claire in Springfield

Thank you for the insights into the well-read life of the creator of Alice in Wonderland. My 1954 alma mater received a letter from Lewis Carroll graciously giving his permission to use the Jabberwock title & image for our bimonthly pupil (we were not yet students with a "desire" to learn) newsletter. His response is included on the website of the school's successor. Wish I'd had the presence of mind to request a viewing of the actual letter. Of course, that was before the invention of the photocopier.

Elizabeth Cottrell

What wonderful advice! And I'm inspired by Carroll's dedication to staying in touch by letter. With our drastically reduced likelihood of taking pen to paper today, I fear for the scarcity of source material for future historians, not to mention genealogists. In most of the best biographies I've read, the subject comes alive because the author was able to bring the subject's "voice" to us from personal or professional correspondence.

Margaret N. Harker

It would be interesting to know how he organized his mail ledger. These essays are always fascinating. Margaret Harker

Steve Leveen

Dear Claire, Elizabeth and Margaret, thank you for sharing.

Yes, I agree, Elizabeth, we need to keep the important art of real letter writing alive and also improve our electronic correspondence. Occasionally, I'll print out an email and stick it in a dust jacket of a relevant book. How about you? Do you have practices for your emails?

As for more information on Lewis Carroll's original, it is in the public domain and you can find it by searching the Google way.

My best to you all,


Ainee Beland

I like all of the suggestions for successful correspondence via email. Especially about quoting back what is said, instead of paraphrasing it. My only problem is the highlighted purple text is difficult to read. I have my glasses on and still cannot read it. Otherwise some wonderful suggestion for keeping the conversation/rapport going. Thank you for sharing.

Tracy Tyler

why not think about adding a fashion component to your line? orchid/violet/lavendar are all big colors this spring - i suggest (and have called customer service) the junior size foldover notebook in violet (not purple) - i PROMISE you it will be a big hit!... thanks for your consideration. tracy tyler

Dick Davies

Steve, Looking for a place to drop this off for you. I think you can use it.


Steve Leveen

Ah, thank you, Tracy, for the suggestion for a violet notebook. Our team is considering and I know they plan more colors, always, in the future. Stand by!

And thanks for the the monkish link, Dick. Fun stuff. I especially relate to the sailor finding his port...

All best to you all,


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