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December 02, 2014


Jeff Blackwell

So please tell me how I might best learn Spanish? I live in Houston, Texas and there is a large Hispanic community here. I feel it's my responsibility to learn the language so I can communicate with them. There are numerous daily opportunities to speak Spanish but I'm grossly inadequate. I wish I had a teacher like you described. Should I attend a college class or is there an online program you'd recommend? Thanks.

Steve Leveen

Hey Jeff,

I know what you mean about feeling a responsibility. Of course, it will be a pleasure, too.

There are so many good ways to learn. I enjoyed Pimsler audio programs and Duolingo online. Check out your local library, too, as they may have a program like Mango you can use for free. Also look at Verbling online for classes and tutors.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!

Buen viaje,


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