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April 27, 2015



What a lovely post. I'm getting ready to walk into my afternoon film class and you've given me a lovely intro for the day, talking about how film can help make sense of our own experiences in life and give us insight into the experiences of others. Thank you.

julie morton

Another lovely and engaging post, Steve. I, too, love Cinema Paradiso and Alfredo's parting gift... so lovely to have recalled it this morning. My own copy of the movie is on VHS! I'll need to update to the extended version DVD. :) Julie Morton

Judy Goodrich

Thank you. I saw this many years ago. I will rent it again and as I am learning Italian, I will watch without the subtitles. Thank you.

Steve Leveen

Morning, Julie and Cygnifier,

Thanks for sharing your love for this classic film. It has so many layers of art, including the ripples like ours, far from the original pebble. All best for more illuminating moments in the dark.


Maryann Schaefer

Want you to know how happy I have been with the compact Circa planner, with two sheets per day. Have requested that leather covers be reintroduced for this small size. Perhaps, this could be accomplished sooner rather than later.
Many thanks,
Maryann S.

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